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I really enjoyed playing the demo - I was devastated by the time I reached the gates after the opening scene, about that poor soldier that died in the crossfire, quite literally - RIP in peace, family man of the year. I think stat raising in general sort of provides a different engagement and depth to any otome, specifically, that I really like - the screen for the stats of the MC as well as the three princes is very well designed and easy to navigate. I also like how the individual princes challenged my first impressions of them. The sounds are a little bit of a wild card for me - hit or miss, I suppose? - but I do like the cutthroat court setting and also all of the supporting characters. Nazir seems... inspired a little from the Middle East? It was quite jarring to see him speak in a more... stereotypically British manner while joking around, but I expect backstories will be revealed in due time so I can't nitpick lol. Good luck! Thank you for the hard work!

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Hi! I haven't finished the demo yet, but I HAD to pause the game for just long enough to get my thoughts down to you. Right off the bat, as I played the intro, I was thinking 'oh, good graphics' - and I've been holding onto that opinion solidly so far. The graphics and the mapping are gorgeous - I really love how dedicated you are to conveying a setting's specific vibe or feel, with all the extra efforts put into making it more realistic. Your visions, I feel, really translated well in-game, especially with regards to the Temple in general. The stained glass behind the altar and the signs of ruin really resonated.

There are a few lines of German dialogue that I feel slipped through, but they're not at all detractive, considering that this is still only a demo. I really like the fact that we as the spirit have the ability to choose our personality in a sense, and am eager to see what the consequences of us influencing Shawn are. I would have liked to see a they/them option for the spirit, actually. I'm also not sure if this is a bug or if it's just my game, but after the Temple explodes and you go back up to find Aura, there's a section where you can climb up a cliff using the grappling hook; one of the animals there seems to be stuck with a tree, blocking the path to the little glowy thing (and I should say I really love the glowy thing. It's like a beacon, and saves a lot of trouble searching).  There's also a little bit of lagging in the fights after Sarah joins, but I can't say if that's just my laptop.

I'm not too far into the game yet, but I hope I shall be able to come back and give you more thoughts once I've finished the demo. 

EDIT: The demo has been beat, lmao. Spoilers for any new readers, but GOD, do I really, really want Raphael to survive. He's grown on me very much over time despite being a simpler character than most of the cast we've seen so far. Something about those big buff do gooders with their hearts of gold, you know? I'm also rather interested in whether that last kid - the one that joins your fight against Aziel, whose name I seem to have forgotten despite reading it a solid ten minutes ago - is going to join the party for real, but that's neither here nor there. I do think that in the game to come, I hope that our interactions with Shawn can be measured in a counter of sorts - it would make it a little easier to keep track of any spirit-related skill upgrades, or just gauge the relationship you have with him at any point in time. It would also be nice to have a counter to track Shawn's relationships with each party member, even if it's not necessarily romantic - I feel like his friendship with Raphael could be explored beautifully, haha. I'm a bit of a friendship buff when it comes to adventuring parties. 

Also another obligatory love letter to the GRAPHICS... so gorgeous and so so so contributive to the atmosphere. The love and effort you put into the game is really fantastically visible. Thank you so much. I really can't wait for the full release.

Wow. If I could gush about this game for hours, I really would. Just from the demo alone I'm incredibly intrigued by all the character backstories and interpersonal relationships. The music is gorgeous, moody, perfect for the vibe and general setting. I also really like the writing and intrigue within the mystery; I've always liked suspense, and I hope that the full game features some of that mystery solving (or piecing things together route by route to have a full big picture, so to speak). It shows that you've put a lot of love and effort into it. Can't wait for more. :)

Just finished playing the demo! I really, really love the art style; the characters have such varied, telling expressions. The hair is also utterly beautiful. I loved Jaiden's design, but Nile and Kyuri may or may not have stolen my heart from its pathetic little place in my chest and refused to let it go. 

I also was pleasantly surprised - I'm very picky with my MCs, but this girl is RELATABLE. I, too, would not mind being lost if I had a hot guy in front of me. You do you, honey. You do you.

I look forward to the full game!