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I really enjoyed playing the demo - I was devastated by the time I reached the gates after the opening scene, about that poor soldier that died in the crossfire, quite literally - RIP in peace, family man of the year. I think stat raising in general sort of provides a different engagement and depth to any otome, specifically, that I really like - the screen for the stats of the MC as well as the three princes is very well designed and easy to navigate. I also like how the individual princes challenged my first impressions of them. The sounds are a little bit of a wild card for me - hit or miss, I suppose? - but I do like the cutthroat court setting and also all of the supporting characters. Nazir seems... inspired a little from the Middle East? It was quite jarring to see him speak in a more... stereotypically British manner while joking around, but I expect backstories will be revealed in due time so I can't nitpick lol. Good luck! Thank you for the hard work!

Hi! Thank you very much for playing and the feedback! We're glad you like the setting and gameplay :D (And the soldiers of the intro! They shall forever be remembered.) Hopefully the full background stories of the princes will be enjoyable for you too! :D

We'll continue working hard to bring you guys the full game >w<b