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Just finished playing the demo! I really, really love the art style; the characters have such varied, telling expressions. The hair is also utterly beautiful. I loved Jaiden's design, but Nile and Kyuri may or may not have stolen my heart from its pathetic little place in my chest and refused to let it go. 

I also was pleasantly surprised - I'm very picky with my MCs, but this girl is RELATABLE. I, too, would not mind being lost if I had a hot guy in front of me. You do you, honey. You do you.

I look forward to the full game!

Hey! Thank you for playing the demo. Gosh so happy you like the art style and some guys even stole your heart. It's a dating sim after all so I guess... mission accomplished :) And honestly, we're glad you think the MC is relatable and not obnoxious or something.