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Heya! We can't give an accurate estimation of the price since we're still in development and we're going to decide on things like that later on. But we're well aware of the age of our demographic and we would'nt want to sell a product y'all can't afford. 

Thanks for playing! And we totally agree. The victorian age is such a lovely time period. Would love to play more games with this setting too. We've already decided very early in development that we're going to  publish it on steam too. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask ^^

Wow. :D Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope we'll meet your expectations in the full game!

Thanks! Glad you liked it ^^

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts. We didn't include any choices in the introduction simply because we want everyone to experience this part of the game in the same way. But the final product will include choices and a branching narrative :)

Glad you like them all! Thanks for playing and leaving such a heartwarming comment. 

Happy to hear that! Thanks for playing :D

Hey hey. Thanks for playing our demo. We're indeed planning to include multiple dialogue options and a branching narrative where your choices matter. ^^

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts ^^

And we really enjoyed your playthrough! Your reactions were so funny ^^ Thanks for playing!

Wow if this comment doesn't give us enough determination, nothing else will. Thank you so much for playing and your kind words :)

Thanks for playing our demo! We all worked very hard on it so hearing someone acknowledge that makes us very happy and proud. Glad to hear you think it was worth the wait. We hope to meet your expectations in the final product. :D

Happy to hear that! Thanks for playing ^^

We're truly humbled by your kind words. Happy to hear you think it was worth the wait! Hearing that you think the MC is a big mood is a big achievement for us haha. We'll pass your lovely feedback on to our voice cast. They indeed did an amazing job and we're very lucky to have them.

Thanks for the support and playing our demo! Glad the MC appeals to you :)

Wow. Thanks for sticking around with us and playing our demo. It means a lot to hear you liked the writing and fell head over heels for all the guys haha. Thanks for your lovely feedback and encouraging words!

Oh my. Don't make me blush. Thank you so much for playing our demo and leaving such a kind comment. You don't know how happy we are to hear you had fun playing it and actually laughed! Writing humour is very hard and after reading our work 1000 times it becomes pretty stale. So it's always a bit exciting to hear the public opinion. We were delighted to hear which boys are on your radar atm. Thanks for your words of encouragement and don't worry about any spelling mistakes. Just like a lot of other game developers, we aren't native speakers ourselves so we completely understand. 

About the price of the full game: We haven't given it a lot of thought yet. Let's just see where this demo goes first. But we are aware of the age of our demographic so we'll certainly keep that in mind. :)

Hey! Thank you for playing the demo. Gosh so happy you like the art style and some guys even stole your heart. It's a dating sim after all so I guess... mission accomplished :) And honestly, we're glad you think the MC is relatable and not obnoxious or something. 

Thanks for playing and your kind words! We're noticing Jaiden is becoming a bit of a fan favourite haha 

Thx for playing. Glad you liked it :)

Happy holidays everyone. We just released the demo of Vicboys: A datingsim set in the Victorian age. A lot of people including voice actors worked really hard on this one so we're proud to finally share it here. We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

You’ll play as an intriguing young woman whose arrival causes a great stir in the village of Vicville. But as the novelty fades, the townsfolk proceed with their lives, leaving you to your own. You must try to make a living for yourself, mingle with the citizens and find a way to fit in. But the fear of becoming an old spinster taints us all. As time passes you find your interest piqued by some of Vicville’s prominent bachelors. Who will you pursue?

Thank you for your lovely compliments! Happy to hear you like the mc's personality since she will be the one you'll get to  know the best.

Yay! Hope you like it :)

Awh Thank you. So glad to hear that. :D Happy to say you're in for some excitement today. You might want to keep an eye on our page ;)

Awh. Thank you for your lovely words. :)  Can't believe there are still people downloading this demo after almost 1 year. We've had some hiccups during development but are planning to release a gameplay demo soon. We'll upload it on Itch as well. 

Haha. Glad you like them :D Thanks for the download!

Awwwwh thank you so much! We're all working our butts off so we're glad it paid off.  Haha :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

Yes! By Edward Elgar :)

Thank you so much for your kind words <3

Happy to hear that! :)


Vicboys is an upcoming Dating Sim set in the Victorian age. The game follows the protagonist over a period of 1 year, as she attempts to find herself a suitable husband. During this time she’ll encounter a rich variety of characters from different social classes who all play their own part in her story. While Vicboys takes place in the Victorian era, a time period build on a foundation of high moral standards, you can still expect lots of humour and playful mockery of its genre.


Vicboys is still in development.  We've posted an open call for voice actors a few months ago. Now that our cast is complete, we'd like to introduce them to you with a small demo! You can download it here:

Thank you for reading! If you want to know more about this project make sure to check out the links below. 

Development Blog | Youtube Channel  | Information Page