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After reading your reply I also realised that it definetely is the difficulty that made it annoying for me. The game definitely needs a more elaborate tutorial as the sapling mechanic is pretty unique.

So in order to give more feedback on wallrunning I played the game a bit further as I had not beaten the second level before posting my initial comment.  I love the grappling hook though there were a few tutorial messages that I didnt pay attention to as i was still in the process of learning the grappling hook and playing around with it.  That may just be my horrible attention span but I thought that some of the tutorial messages were popping up too quickly.

So my issues with the wallrun were resolved as I realised that I had just misunderstood it. I thought that you had to constantly hold spacebar but then in the third level I realised that that was not the case. Again I feel like there needs to be more space to just play around with the wallrun, so that new players can figure it out more easily as in the current introduction to it you have to hit kind of a hard jump in order to even test the wallrun out.

I feel like it is a bit too punishing to have a checkpoint system as some jumps are pretty difficult or atleast the movement is unusual, which makes it anoying to get back to the hard jump. especially because some jumps require you to bounce multiple times it gets increasingly anoying to get back to where you were.

I propose a system that sets you back to the last solid ground that you stood on. alternatively you could just bump the number of checkpoints up a bit

Also I was struggleing with the wallrun a bit, it just felt slightly clunky


This game has made my jaw drop and I cant find the right words to describe it. All I can say is that you need to play it. It will transform your perception of first person games forever.

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AMNAZING almost no complaints but:

the sensitivity option didn't let me enter any decimals so I couldn't go below 1, 1 was low enough though so it didn't matter but it would be nice 

also it feels like the grappling hook extends for just a little bit to short of a time so It'd be cool if it had a longer duration

Music is cool

all of the movement tech is awesome

I hope that you update this it is incredible

wallrun feels awful as you pop away from the wall when you look too far away from it grappling hook is waay too op

it'd be great if the movement was physics based

shooting felt good

checkpoints and faster respawn would be nice e.g. pressing R to reset

sprinting could be removed and the base speed increased as sprinting doesn't really serve a purpose

and lastly a sensitivity slider would be great

movement was fun.

the weapons felt nice though it'd be great if the guns reloaded automatically when you leftclick while they're empty 0r remove reload entirely

FOV a little low/ no slider for FOV

no sensitivity slider is a bummer

these are pretty nitpicky but they would make the experience a lot better if they were done right

also whats up with the vignette I think it looks weird?

the hit detection is pretty fucked as enemys hit you after you already roll away  

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When I try to open it, it closes imediately and opens discord

edit: Opening it with admin rights worked

Maybe it could boost you to high speeds for a short time so that when you slide and jump you can jump further than normal. But im not sure how that would fit.

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another thing that the slide isn't doing much in terms of general movment so maybe you could add some mechanic with sliding.

also i love the b-hopping

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The jumping feels a little bit too heavy in my opinion  especially when jumping off of a wall it feels like nothing happens. maybe I am missing something idk

edit: I noticed the classic jumping option

Really Fun but it definetely needs tweaking