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The jumping feels a little bit too heavy in my opinion  especially when jumping off of a wall it feels like nothing happens. maybe I am missing something idk

edit: I noticed the classic jumping option

Hey Nirchie!

As you probably noticed the "default style" might feel weak because the jump force is based on the camera view: the higher you look, the more jump force you get. The "classic style" is constant: the jump force is always the same no matter the camera angle.

It's intentional to give the player more control (this will be much more emphasized in the next version). It definitely takes time to get used to, and I'm still tweaking the numbers, but I hope it will pay off.

Thank you for your feedback!

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another thing that the slide isn't doing much in terms of general movment so maybe you could add some mechanic with sliding.

also i love the b-hopping

Yes, it's pretty basic in the current public build. In the private build I've already made some changes to give it a better purpose.

What kind of mechanic did you have in mind?

Maybe it could boost you to high speeds for a short time so that when you slide and jump you can jump further than normal. But im not sure how that would fit.