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Really awesome game, great job! My only complaint is that the collision box for the rocket is a large, so I'd die when I taught I had more time to react. With a little bit of polish for the graphics, this would be great on mobile.

Mark Brown? The guy behind Game Maker's Toolkit? The guy organising this jam? 

Absolutely amazing idea! 5 stars across the board. On the last level, I squished the guy between the ceiling and the platforms, and the physics sent him flying towards the portal. It was awesome!

Great idea, though I've seen Mark play a game with a similar mechanic. The gun gets really annoying after a while, though. There's also a bung in level 3 where the platform starts going right and doesn't come back.

Kinda hard to write my name in the crop, but I can draw a penis, and that's all that matters. 10/10

Great idea. Physics a little wonky, though. You might also want to reset the car's momentum of the car when the level starts.

And here I taught Hearthstone had too much RNG :P

Really interesting concept, but I feel the chance of spells backfiring that early in the game is too high. It took me like 4 tries to beat the first monster.

One of mu favourite games so far. Really well made. See you in the gmtk video at the end.

Really cool concept, but I think it's help a lot if you could aim with the mouse. Also, it's not very well explained what you have to do

MOAR! I want more! Please tell me you have plans to make this a full game!