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Dude, you definitely should have won. You're game is hands down superior!

Seriously, this is incredible.

lum you really should've won this jam, you're game is freaking amazing!!!

WTF?!! I'm not really sure how I got 1st but thank you for this! I really don't deserve it considering all the other incredible games submitted. I suppose I should just say thank you to you all. I'm still in awe!

Wow lum you did great dude, the atmosphere is truly spot on!

cool dood

YES! that looks awesome!!!

Also excellent choice for your mashup that is going to freaky fun!!!

no prob! sounds good

where'd the devlog go?

u 2 dude!!!

For obvious reasons, I LOVE THIS! (Considering I'm basically the main character ;P )

WOW! a real working nes game- had to dust off Nestopia to play this baby ;)
Great work on this!



sounds good dude- ur kinda spamming but ur not being malicious. ill check out your jam for sure

sweet dude ill check it out

Ah yea! Welcome to my world, although I find nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a good old fashioned GAME JAM

I'm pumped to see what you got- I like your style a lot (based on your profpage)


Ah shoot! Yep it's a mobile problem... I couldn't quite figure out how to get it to work on phones. Thanks for trying it though!

this is an excellent example of the perfect game jam [game]. fully functioning/playable and completely stand-alone enjoyable. the graphics are good, the controls are quick and very responsive, the guns sometimes are slightly glitchy but it really doesn't effect gameplay overall (although, not sure if this was a glitch but at one point i had a separate gun that was firing from the walls. it was incredible) most importantly however is how much potential this game has post-jam. you should definitely pursue this, it would be insane to make co-op possible. most of all great job, you should be very proud of your game

finally figured it out! it's a little confusing and sort of janky but still enjoyable (it had me scratching my head for awhile there)
also, that song you sing at the end credits? WTF??? i was not expecting that, very strange, very awesome