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Thanks !

Thanks !
Oh, a black rectangle ? It seems that an asset is not working perfectly some times... I'll try to cover that in the future

Thanks for your feedback, they are very pertinent !

I would have liked to allow spell upgrades during the game, or even add an ultimate spell, but it's better to start small lol.

The game was quite difficult to balance.

I managed to play on my ShadowPC (Windows VM) !

One of my favourites so far. The mechanics are very enjoyable, good work ! 

Very good game ! The game dont work on my mac (using Brave and Safari). I dont have much to say, it's polished, the music is cool and the particles are magic !

Thank you for your feedback. It's really flattering!

As you said, I think I didn't spend enough time on the visual effects (the arrival of the monsters, maybe some  « Great », « Critical », « On Time » when the attack has good timing, etc.).

thanks for the feedback !

Thanks !

Initially, I wanted to make a true turn-based game, but I felt that time would be better represented with a real-time aspect!

Your suggestions (very pertinent) : 

Regarding the font, you are probably right... I tend to want to minimize everything. The larger the screen, the smaller the font can appear, indeed.

Regarding the Fibonacci sequence, you should know that it was originally the second passive of the Time Warrior lol. If a spell was cast on the sequence, then the cooldown of that spell was reduced by 2.  I found that the passive is really useful below the 23-second mark.

Thanks for the review.

Indeed, I don't think I spent enough time on the responsive design and layout... I should have thought about it from the beginning of the project to avoid surprises

Really nice game! It's where we realize that we're not too comfortable with reading analog watches anymore. Good job!

Clearly on theme, the game is cool! Well done. 

The music is relaxing !

Hi ! I used your wallpaper and your four layer background in my Gamedev.js jam 2023 submission : Time Battlers.

The early reviews are praising the art style, and that's clearly in part thanks to you. Thank you very much!

Hi ! Thanks for sharing your music for free. I do love Dungeon Mystery (Slow) and Dungeon Mystery (Fast).  

I used them in my participation in the gamedev jam : Time Battlers

It reminded me of the dynamics between the moderato and allegro versions of the trial music from Ace Attorney games.

Thanks for the review !

Thanks for the review, Chrono Trigger is such a great game! For the layout (UI, placements etc.), I was very inspired by Slay the Spire by the way !
If you like the graphic style, don't hesitate to check out the work of the artists (mentioned in the game credits and description).

Very enjoyable game, great work !

A huge plus for the interface and the music, which indeed reminds me a lot of a Pokemon game!

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This is the kind of game where you don't see time pass by! I LOVE the game's interface, it's really professional. Clearly one of my favorite games for this game jam, well done!

It makes me want to learn React in more detail and learn how to combine it with Phaser.

Very good runner with a really polished art style, congratulations! 

It would have been cool to add gameplay elements as the levels progress: more monsters in the prehistoric era, holes in the urban era, etc.

Small suggestion: make the character less floaty, and maybe add a level in space (futuristic) where floating can be a gameplay element.

The game is amazing, looking forward for updates (indeed, a multiplayer mode would be very cool). 

It took me a lot of tries to master the aiming (I'm maybe just bad). The music is perfect for this type of game!

I would have taken a little more time though, but given the theme, it may be intentional! In that case, it could be cool to make the characters bit faster? Well done!

Yeah it's a fun game!

It's silly, I know, but I find the character very satisfying to control.
The level design is really cool. It's really well-crafted, congratulations! 

Hey Bacovel, gotcha i will do a little update the game during Autumn !
Thanks !

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Discovered your game by chance, I do love it and it is very inspiring for personal projects. Looking forward for more !

Thanks for your share !

Hi, this was a gift for me for my first game (I learned to incorporate enemies in a game with your set). Huge thanks !

(used here :

Hi, I learned using spritesheets with your set, huge thanks :)

Used here :