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Good info there, thanks Evolutionary Games !

Cyber City Escape is a 3D topdown roguelite shooter set in a cyberpunk world.

You awaken one day like so many other dissidents imprisoned and with no memory.  Soon after you are suddenly freed by mysterious new allies and given a mission - fight your way across the city to the spaceport and escape the planet, or die trying.

The game features:

- Procedurally generated maps

- Fog of war fueled exploration

- Multiple weapon types to unlock, acquire and upgrade

- Multiple enemy types with different fighting styles

- Environmental hazards, traps, explosive barrels, gun turrets

- Equipment to purchase at kiosks to help you survive your run

- A token system for permanent progression in the form of character upgrades

- Dark and gritty atmosphere with matching story

- A retro future soundtrack with thumping beats

Can you master the urban death trap and find your way to freedom?

***   This game is still under development and all feedback is treasured   ***

So I've recently been putting the finishing touches on an alpha test I'd like to bring to itch.  However I tested it out first uploading to my own website and then downloading the zip.  When I go to run the game I get the Windows SmartScreen - Unknown Publisher popup.  I don't know much about how certificate authorities work - but this obviously seems like something that will discourage people from trying out the game.  I think from what I've read that a version uploaded with Butler and downloaded through the itch client will be signed by itch and thus no popup... but any version of the game that is just a zip file will have these errors yes?  Is this something I should worry about, how would I even go about getting my Unreal exports to be signed anyway?

You can find the free browser game here:

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If you want to see more free games like this please consider supporting on Patreon:

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Thank you!

Created by a solo hobbyist, Lands Of The Lost is a 3D third-person Action RPG with roguelite elements.  You take the role of a volunteer hero, questing to save the land from an ancient evil re-awakened.

You'll have to fight through 4 worlds - each with an outdoor area, a village and a dungeon containing a boss.  Every world has unique creatures and the difficulty increases throughout the game.

The game features action gameplay, RPG styled character progression and also some roguelite flavor in the form of short run time, high difficulty, randomized levels and long term progression.

This has been a serious passion project several years in the making, with many other projects abandoned half finished before it.  I would love some feedback!

Hope you find it interesting!