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Thanks so much! Glad that you got something out of it – lovely that people are still finding it, I'll have to play through myself again.

ah was there more in the cave? I couldnt figure out what to do in there, thought maybe it was just the end.

Glad to see it working now, I still really like the art, however I find actually following the game kind of confusing. It doesn't seem clear what my choices are so I click on things, and then things happen, but I'm not always sure why. I'm assuming the mix of (spanish?) and english is intentional to be not-fully understandable, however sometimes I wondered if I was supposed to be understanding every word (I did not, was I supposed to?). I was also confused by the random little breaks into song but that may have just been me misunderstanding the humour. I still think you did a great job with the art, and I think its an interesting way to make use of static renders as an adventure game, great work even if I did not fully understand it :)

This is very very pretty, more of a short film than a game, but visually gorgeous. I love it.

I really like the art style in this, sadly I couldn't figure out how to do anything in the second scene, any hints? I also noticed it looks like you are scaling up prerendered images, which makes them slightly fuzzy, detracting a bit from the very well done voxel style. Anyway I really liked what I saw (and heard, pretty funny sounds). Hopefully I can figure out how to do more. Great work!

The mood in this is wonderful, the way the strangers back away from the light is fantastic. I do find your control choices odd though, no need for the left or right movement, could just use them to turn camera instead of Q/E, also while the intro is fantastically animated, I found the close view of the cartoony character's face a little out of place with the mood set once the game began. Fantastic work though :)

Beautiful and unnerving, superb audio and visual design, wet footstep sounds pulled me in from the start, shaking wireframes, beautiful. Definitely one of my favourites visually, and likely my favorite audio.

Lovely, charming visuals and audio. This was a much more "traditional" game from many of the entries, which was a nice variation, controls are solid feeling and fair, very little difficulty though. Nice work man :)

Something seems very off with xbox controls, camera is triggers + dpad, shoot is "start". I'll just play with keyboard now and do a proper comment but just so you know.

This is very interesting, I like that it's semi obtuse and you are forced to experiment to find ways of tweaking the sound. The minimal visuals complement it nicely, and the subtle animations when adding/deleting points really helps sell the mood. Great work :)

This is so subtle and beautiful, easily my favourite submission so far, visually, audio, writing, just stunning. I played through 3 times so far but I'm not sure I found the ending people seem to be talking about, I guess I'll have to hop back in, it feels very easy to get lost in its slow, rhythmic patterns of movement and dialogue. Just beautiful work man, I'm in awe.

This is a really interesting piece, I feel less like I'm playing a game and more like I'm wandering through fragments of someone else's game, where every choice has already been made and I'm simply sifting through the consequences. I really like the simple but evocative visual style. My only critiques would be that the gamepad controls need a deadzone (gamepad joysticks rarely sit exactly at 0, making it rather awkward to have to find the right position in order to read the text), and a couple times the plots of land turned invisible while I was travelling to them, but this seemed to only happen upon looping back on things that I'd already seen (and only twice). Really great work man :)

I really like the visual design in this (and how you fit it into the page). I wish there was some subtle interactivity, like scaring the cows or something. I'm also not a huge fan of the acceleration, I wish movement felt more solid, trotting around on a horse should feel more stable, this feels more like sliding on ice.

Don't ask me what this game is about, and don't ask me if there is any goal or ending to it (I for one did not find one), but do ask me if I spent nearly 15 minutes throwing everything I could find into the trash (several times, I feel like this is important but I can't quite tell why it happened). Not only is this what I did with the majority of my time, its also how I started it. Screen fades in to floor with piece of crumpled paper, "hey, I wonder if I can pick that up, oh I can sweet", "hey, that's a convenient trash can, I wonder if it works, oh it does, sweet", "hey, what are all these plates and bowls doing nicely stacked here, why aren't they in the trash can, I should rectify this."

So yeah, I enjoyed whatever it was I did, as for critiques I have very few. (rest of comment here: pastebin apparently itch has a comment length limit which seems odd:/)

I love the visuals on this, the way buildings appear in the dust is quite beautiful, the only point that bugs me is the repeated dirt texture, it detracts from the feeling of large dessert spaces and makes it look slightly blander, very minor compared to the highpoints of the visuals though. The gameplay is adequate, if not especially interesting in its current form, I saw it more as a way to keep movement to find new set-pieces as opposed to fun in and of itself. The camera could also use work (all minor points for a jam game, amazing work really), I found I wished I could get a better view of some set-pieces, and walking backwards felt awkward.

All in all, fantastic work, and don't take my critiques as negative, they're just things that could be improved with more time.

seems really cool and relaxing, walked for ages without ever finding a plant though, just ground and structures.

this is absolutely gorgeous.

You actually got the physics right!! so many of these games just don't have the right feel...this one does:)

thank you so much 😊