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Don't ask me what this game is about, and don't ask me if there is any goal or ending to it (I for one did not find one), but do ask me if I spent nearly 15 minutes throwing everything I could find into the trash (several times, I feel like this is important but I can't quite tell why it happened). Not only is this what I did with the majority of my time, its also how I started it. Screen fades in to floor with piece of crumpled paper, "hey, I wonder if I can pick that up, oh I can sweet", "hey, that's a convenient trash can, I wonder if it works, oh it does, sweet", "hey, what are all these plates and bowls doing nicely stacked here, why aren't they in the trash can, I should rectify this."

So yeah, I enjoyed whatever it was I did, as for critiques I have very few. (rest of comment here: pastebin apparently itch has a comment length limit which seems odd:/)