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Thank you!!

Yay, thanks!!

Yay, thanks!

Really fun game!

Really great! I love the controls, and it is super fun. Thanks also for crediting me!

This is so cute and looks amazing!

Does this mean it is not the best as it has a line through it lol!

Hii! Oh yes, I think I should have uploaded a preview on my Youtube at the time...not sure how to do a wav or mp3 preview on here :(


No probs :)

Nice cute game! Thanks also for using my music too 

Yay thank you!


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Sure! Please credit me something like, Art By Nicole Marie T

aw thanks!



Thank you!

Thanks this looks great!!

I made this in Cubase :)

Excellent game, I love the whole retro feel of it and it is very fun to play. The artwork is also great. Amazing job!

Good game! I like how the music changes when you move. Please feedback something from my collection, thanks.

This looks super fun. I also want to eat this pixelated turkey.

Nice concept. This game is very cute - great job! Please feedback something from my collection, thanks!

Cool game, and I love the graphics! Please feedback something from my collection, thanks. :)

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This is sooo fun. How do I bend the plane when throwing it? Ohhh A and D. I want to save it :(

Ooo really fun! I got a score of 4800. I really like the game and look of it, well done! Please feedback something from my collection, thanks!

Really had fun playing this! I love how you switch platforms, and the whole feel of the game. Very well done. Please feedback something from my collection, thank you!

I use Google Hangouts. Would this be ok?

That should be fine. Email me whenever you need a song done, explaining what exactly you would like. If possible, you can send a template song to give me an idea of what sound you are looking for, although this is completly optional. :)

Hi all,

I just uploaded it - Click here to preview

I like the graphics cool game. Please check out my music from my collection, thanks!

Awesome - love the graphics! Please feedback my music, thanks!

Excellent game!!!

Ooo I got up to 6 points. Very fun! Please feedback my music from my collections. Thanks!