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Lovely idea, it was fun, will share it to my friends =) 

We checked you video, thx for playing&reviewing our game :D

Hi, very nice of you to make this video review ! Thx for playing :D

Hi, thx for playing, we're glad you enjoyed the game :D

I'm sure you'd be a great voice actor for Farinello !

Thx for this video review and thx for playing !

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Hey there, we've seen your video, thx for playing and reviewing :D

thx ! =)

Well thanks a lot ! 

Thank you ! :D

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Hi everyone ! 

I'm glad to present you our first student game called Archimoulin.  It's made with Unity by a team of 4, Sarah Duhterian, Adrien Feugère, Antonin Jury and me, Nicolas Duboc. Find it here :

Here's the trailer :

It's a 10-15 minutes 2D plateformer. 

You take the role of a young teenager, the son of the Archimeuniers who run the Archimoulin. On the Archimoulin's ground floor, it’s your mum’s birthday and the party is in full swing. Your dad takes you aside and asks you to bake the best of all the birthday-cakes for your beloved mother. Here you go ! Search the ingredients located in a giant crazy mill ! Find out how the eggs mill works or how to activate the fruit mill ! 

As it's a student project, we'had to cut the narrative part in order to deliver a finish product. It's more of a demo , but the programming and graphics have been maxed out ! Speaking of programming, we are art students, so the programming part might be sometimes clumsy. We did it or our own and learn a lot!

I hope you'll have fun playing it and don't hesitate to give us feedbacks !