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Will do!

Reviewing several months later, I like that this actually seems like an early version of your VR game, or like a DLC or something. The dedication you have in cooking games is really awesome, and the scenes (the traditional paintings, the tool models and even the calligraphy) are well done. The only thing that's not so pleasant is the scene-skipping bug in the demo version, but it's already fixed right? Good job overall, Xander!

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This game has some well-planned 3d animations for sure. The low poly art combined with the modular design of the levels are definitely a plus to it. But when playing, I didn't really experience the greed a lot. Oppositely, I was very fearful that those bulls will come at me in the "fear" level. I think instead of bulls, in the level of greed, you might wanna have a weaker animal running away from you in different directions, to make the player feels like they are a hungry predator or something.

Yes! Another artistic approach to the space shooter type game. The shadows and the running person implies a lot about the story, although it's not fully told through the game. The art style is definitely a plus to the overall playing experience too. I wish that I could see a longer version of it!

Good job on making an interesting vertical platformer, because I haven't seen one in ages lol. The physics and barriers are very well done, and the moving up mechanic is just beautiful. Very neat coding.

One thing I would recommend making is some rewards to the player when they take the risk. For now, it seems like as long as I play slow and steady, I will have a higher chance to win. I believe that this game is more exciting in a faster pace!

The spine animation is really good! The climbing and pushing gestures are a big plus to the game.
I also like that each level has a different level of difficulty, and new things are being learned by me easily. I immediately know that the yellow stripes are not meant to block me, but the boxes, so I cannot just push the box all the way over the trap and walk over.

The music is the part that can use more improvements in this game. With the cartoonish art style, I would rather have a happier music while eating my whole hog. :p

I like the theme and how it's related to a space shooter game. The starting screen being a part of the game is creative, and the actions that I do in the game feel "meaningful". This is an motivation for me to keep playing.

Drawbacks: The battle mechanics are quite simple. I believe that to keep the players engages, you either need to have a longer story, or need to change the battling system with a more complex one. But being a short and artsy game, it's really delicate and well made!

The tutorial level is by far the best level in this game. It has a big scale, has step-by-step introductions, and the visuals are stunning seeing for the first time.

And what comes after the tutorial level? There are lots of good level designs, but the overall feeling is just a bit off -- Those level designs are not fully presented in the camera, and because the player cannot see what's happening outside the screen, they do not know when to prepare for a slam to destroy the robots.

I would suggest that keep everything else, but zoom out the camera, and give the player some personal abilities that they can perform without the help of energy rings. With this update, I will be able to do much more things inside the game, on top of hit-and-runs. Keep it up!

The mechanics in this game is well-planned... And they actually represents many cliche scenes in mass media arts! You did a very good job on simulating sympathy, parenthood and betrayals, but in a very vague way. It almost look like an indie developer is mocking a boring TV show with a much more abstract and neat simulation of it.

Yes yes I loved this game as soon as I see the real-life clay models, when I haven't even played the game. It's super creative to combine a 2d platformer with real photos and 3d assets. But on the other hand, I also wish that this game could be longer, so I get to see this weirdly attractive world more.

I think this game has a very high update value. Maybe you can make it into a shaun the sheep type of visuals, but with very bizarre stories. That would be so cool!

This is a crazy crazy game lol

The almost sarcastic face you guys drew on the characters as well as the cartoonish mechanics made this game seems like a joke, but it's also about a very daily-routine topic. Getting a south park vibe from it.

If the game ever gets updated, besides the bugs and mechanics, you guys should definitely make the characters even more interesting, like make their body jelly-ish or something, and have the little kid bouncing everywhere inside the car. When the car crashes, they just all get ejected out of the car. That would be epic lol

(To anyone that scrolled to see the comments before playing: check the DevLog research post before playing it, and you will understand this walking sim differently.)

I love the uniqueness of this game. As a student in New York that hasn't took the subway in almost a year because of COVID, this woke up some memories of mine. You should include some of your researches in the trailer, like why this project is made realistic, and why is simulating an everyday experience important. The blind impression of Track would be bland if players are expecting something "game-like" to happen, but after knowing why you made this, I believe everybody will have a different view on this project. Def give the content in your research post a bit more exposure!

I would also like to see you incorporate keyboard&mouse controls in this game, rather than gamepad only. I understand that gamepads are closer to an ipod-like interface when it comes to playing music, but why not also let PC players also appreciate your work?

OK this reminds me of the time you destroyed me in your split-screen dungeon game. This game feels like a plus version of that game, with more intricated mechanics and a better playing experience. 

Pros: All of the battling mechanics are very well done! I know immediately what can my powers do, and learned with time how could I use them to counter the enemy. The art on characters are also pretty well done.

Cons: The UI and the ground sprite needs to be polished more. It's kinda weird to see a ground with shadows and a flat outlined character together. With a more coherent UI and more coherent art style, this game would be very enjoyable to play!

I like the art style very much! The game itself didn't tell me much about the story behind the game (like why do I have to fight the bossed, and what am I shooting water) but the great visuals made me came up with some interpretation myself.

The fight scenes on the other hand seem not as delicate as the art. It almost feels like I'm playing an interactive comic. The fighting experience could be improved by increasing the pace of the game, adding different types of attack onto each boss, and have the cursor replaced with a crosshair.

Back to the interactive comic topic... this could actually be a great idea! having the camera moving between grids of the comic, and controlling the characters inside them to defeat bosses. If you design several branches on the storyline, all the branches can even be visually seen by the player, so they are encouraged to explore more endings!

You nailed the chill vibes and friendly atmosphere with the style of your illustrations. The scarecrow is so well done, that whenever I think about this game, it's the first thing that pops up in my head.


  • Multiple clicks will overlay the walking sounds
  • Clicking the flower before it matures will replay the growing animation
  • The geese always start to move from the same spot

Another potential improvement is to give modular designed tasks to the player (3 flowers of random colors each time for some rewards), as well as increasing the span of the task (such as harvesting random seeds from the blossom, and only red seeds can grow into red flowers, etc) so you don't have to focus a lot on coding up each task.

Good job overall Chloe! Can't wait for an update on this project!

After playing on the headset, I feel it's a shame that this game can be only played in VR. The whole game is cute and very well finished. The comic surrounding scene is really clever.

One thing I would suggest is to have comics telling the different outcomes of your cooking, e.g. your family eats your food and was sent to the hospital. That would encourage players to play many times to explore the full storyline.

Also, this itch page is god-made, especially the sub-headings. I'm almost thinking of copying your style lol

Very wise choice of visual style. These low-rez scenes are giving me thrills for no reason, and I'm afraid that things will pop up behind me when I'm opening the doors -- in fact, they did.
The game features an playable loop, an ending that makes sense, and several amazing puzzles. I love the perspective one! Maybe you wanna make some more that's more difficult when expanding this game, because it keeps the player's momentum.

Problems: The two letters in left/right rooms are the same! Also, it's hard for me to trigger the dialogues with the characters.

In the ending scene, the pink bear seemed to have turned into a scary look, but I could not see it very clearly because of the low pixels.

Looking forward to see your updates!

Thanks Ava! We will make the gaps smaller in the update for sure.

Thanks Ethan! We do like the idea of "doing weird tasks with friends and blaming each other" very much. But to be fair, a local multiplayer game should better have a single player mood on the side too. We will change the mechanic of player 3, and see if we can make it better for single-player playthroughs.

Thank you Yuen! No kill runs are very difficult, and might be impossible in Level 5. In the update version we are making a better scoring system, encouraging the player to do kills, but before when they'are found out by anyone.

Thank you for the feedback Xander! Glad you enjoyed the game. The big UI cooldown "button" is because that we misjudged the screen resolution in the unity editor, and we def will fix that in the next update. We will also do a pause menu for the Escape key.

Thanks for your feedback Chang! Glad you like our art. All models are done by Alex, and all sprites are done by Chloe.

The tutorials, dog animations, sound design and the overall difficulty are all on our future dev schedule. We planned to make check points so the player can respawn there after they died, but we had no time and had to prioritize the physics.

Yes. It turns out that making a QWOP level of difficulty might work in long terms, but not in a 30-min presentation. Even I could not get through all the obstacles -- I have to use hacks in the unity editor to get though each of them individually, and that's also how we made sure it's "technically winnable" haha.

We will definitely lower the overall difficulty, and add checkpoints to the game for the player to respawn. Thanks for your feed back!!!

Thanks Chloe! When Alex was making the game it was in a different resolution, so the buttons seems to be smaller. Was totally not expecting them to be this huge lol. The tutorial level is definitely going to be more thorough, and I'm thinking about replacing the dummy with a cleaning robot holding a sweeper, so the player knows it's harmless.

Thanks Chang! What you said about the scoring system is absolutely right. In the upcoming update plans of the game (not coming out yet), we decide to replace the score with stars:

1 star = finish the level;
2 stars = finish the level without being found out;
3 stars = finish the level and kill all the enemies without being found out.

Hope that would give a better evaluation for the players' performance. And yes, we will definitely add a more through tutorial!

Thanks david!!

Appreciate it man!