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Hey everyone!

Many of us didn't get a chance to submit before the deadline. So I've extended the deadline by 24 hours. You have until 9pm EST on 3/18/2019.

Good luck!

Not to stir up controversy, but do entries need to be original works?

It seems like this jam's winner is a clone of a classic Commodore 64 game.  Sorry if this has already been discussed. For what it's worth, it's a really nice game!

You should add a user interface that shows what powerup / buffs you currently have active.

Score should probably be tied to distance, not time.

Sound effects would be nice.

There seems to be a few issues with collision detection / response as well. Maybe the player moves too fast?

There is an issue with the music playing multiple instances of the song.

Collision detection needs to be added.

It's hard to differentiate powerups from enemies or to know which powerups do what. Replacing this artwork would help.

What is the goal of the game? Is there a way to win?

If there's a way to make the text more readable (color or size?) it would be helpful.

Also, having enemies spawn in different locations would make the gameplay more dynamic.

When the enemies aren't stuck behind that wall, it's quite fun!

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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It took its time exporting. But it's ready now!