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This was really fun! Just trying it out and I am both the king of the mountain and a big ol' embarrassing goof for falling off!

The concept is bonkers, the bubbling pots are hilariously cute, searching for land with their funny, gangly legs, and the shader work is <Mwah>!

All around great work, guys :)

Yes! Yes it was.

Along with other titles such as Jet Lancer; In fact, I would jokingly refer to this game as "Drift Lancer" to my partner while we were working on it for the GMTK 2020 Jam, haha!

Neat concept; tying the character's power to their remaining lives makes the gameplay feel desperate as you reach closer to Game Over while simultaneously acquiring more strength. Unfortunately, the game balance currently makes the earlier lives feel frustrating to play, as the character's movement and attack speed is very slow, the fire is very hard to hit, and in general the player will inevitably become overwhelmed by enemies. It also feels like all states are a no-win scenario for the player: the weakest state is far too slow and incapable of handling the horde of fire elementals (and is also the least fun to play), but the stronger spells cause collateral damage to the trees from the ice shrapnel (usually offscreen) that makes attacking the fire elementals seem like a bad idea (even though it's necessary to stave them off).

With some better balancing and stronger visual/audio feedback, I think the idea could be an interesting one!

Interesting premise. The execution is largely a Breakout clone with only small variations, and the changes such as the inconsistent appearance of the second ball and the inability for the ball to leave the sides of the screen unfortunately make this incarnation of Breakout more frustrating to play than the original.

Still, the core concept that the gameplay spirals into hectic chaos is a solid idea that, with stronger execution, would fit the theme quite nicely. Solid start for an idea.

Neat idea and execution! The game description left me suspicious that some Psycho Mantis meta-gameplay would be involved (especially after I'd realized it was a popular decision for many jammers to incorporate some kind of play on literal gameplay controls), and I wasn't disappointed!

Solid entry with a neat twist. I liked it!

Neat! It definitely gets quite hectic trying to manage all the controls while fighting off those dastardly fish!

I'd roped my girlfriend into holding and tapping the F and L buttons, which made the other tasks much more manageable and turned this game into something akin to Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Unfortunately, the fish seem to multiply at an increasingly alarming rate, making it seem near impossible to actually aim for gathering all the relics.

Even so, the first few tries fumbling through the controls felt very on theme, haha! Solid game.

Wonderful art and charming characters - the concept is solid and artfully done. As one of my earlier rated entries, I hadn't yet realized that many people were interpreting "out of control" as literal "controls", so it took me a moment to realize that the characters here were personified keyboard controls (or hotkeys, haha).

There's certainly some potential for bolding, cutting, and copying/pasting into situations, and as such this entry definitely seems primed for a more complete version. I'd be interested to see where you take it :)

Funny concept; throwing the babies around and them wriggling on the floor gave me a good laugh! I didn't realize that "working from home" essentially just meant answering the call every once in a while, but once I figured it out, throwing them next to the computer and keeping them nearby made managing the two tasks quite easy. Still, as a short management sim that's only become more relevant, it's easily relatable and provides a few laughs. Nice work!

I didn't realize there was a pun in the name until I got into the game, haha! Cute little game, I appreciate the polish and the little details like the goo's brain getting bigger.

The AI for the creature can be a bit questionable at times, even at max intelligence - it seems to randomly pick targets to consume, even when closer and easier to reach targets are nearby. This is unfortunately exacerbated by how frequently it gets stuck while moving through the city.

Regardless, a fun little idea with a neat premise! I can easily see this becoming fun in the same way idle games or incremental games can sometimes be addicting.

I had fun casting fireballs at cowboys and turning their guns to chickens, haha. It took me a while to realize that Spacebar slows down time (reading instructions is for noobs!) and I found it entertaining to (imaginatively) set fire to their churches and homes.

The idea of a wizard transplanted into the wild west would certainly cause a ruckus with unexpected results, though I was surprised that they were angry enough with me to spit vulgarities at my otherwise peaceful self. Oh well, it's nothing a chicken-transformation spell can't solve!

Interesting take on a classical game. I'm not quite sure I understand the relationships between the items, but I did manage to pick them up and eventually find the key. I enjoy the concept of a more adventure-based minesweeper and suspect the idea can be taken even further!

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Oh cats, always up to your shenanigans with your hairy platforms and space geckos.

The ceiling-cling mechanic was more fun than I initially anticipated, and I enjoyed the evolution from stick-cat to fluffy tabby despite there being nary a cricket in sight. I happily bounced to the background of The Starry Feline and Meowna Lisa. I hope the Great Gecko is proud!

A hilariously silly game overflowing with character. Admittedly, the seemingly "lolsorandom" appearance of the game had me balking at first, but it's hard not be won over by its silly charm when taken honestly at face value. In an effort to impress, I ended up harassing people way more than I intended!

As if to say "I accept you in spite of your flaws and your broken, mangled face", Smiling at Neighbors had me smiling to myself in spite of everything. 

Not quite infinite since it seems to end after a predetermined period of time; even so, it's fun to try to figure out what kinds of plants you'll make after interacting with them in various ways. This seems like the sort of game that would benefit from cycling between distinct phases of interacting with your crops then seeing the results, then returning back to them.

The creations are cute and fun - growing a piranha plant or a cake has never been easier, haha!

This game certainly sticks close to the theme; the resulting cacophony of screeching tires, mooing cows, and screaming kittens played over the background of instrumental butt-rock makes this random, hectic shooter a memorable experience! 

I hope all those zombies I liberated from their husk-like forms are enjoying their new lives as reborn chickens.

"The awakening of an AI" is a great narrative conceit; the low hum and abstract, utilitarian environment along with the slow burn of information lends itself to a cerebral, thought-provoking experience. The chromatic aberration, motion blur,  and slight camera blur during dialogue interactions give the experience a polished feel; the bokeh in the constellation room is particularly impressive.

Admittedly, the narrative ends somewhat abruptly, but the mystery and buildup left me wanting for more. Good work.

My springy abomination of hot wheels, benches, fire hydrants, a tire, and a piano nearly made it to town hall before falling off the road to the wayside like so much other refuse. Still, I had a plucky buyer at what I think was a clean 79,000. I'd buy that for a dollar!

Quirky little mobile-like game. I'm not sure if our daring goblin hero is simply paying for the privilege to go bungee jumping, or if the goblin-sir is tricking our hapless hero into retrieving some items ostensibly lost in the abyss while secretly having access to them all along!

Contending with the little critter nibbling at the jumper's ropes can be a bit annoying since it seems to appear more than half the time, leaving very little time left to actually try to rack up a decent score. I ended up deciding to spend all my effort throwing the items at the little critter instead of giving any to the goblin-sir, which left him with nothing to place back in his vault when the game finished, while all the items had been left on the jumper's side of the cliff. Jokes on you, goblin-sir!

I did it (yeaaah)!

Cute little platformer with an equally cute protagonist! The little "squeee" is adorable! The "night jazz" soundtrack is slick, and lends itself to a sneaky and cool atmosphere (much more palatable than the haunting lab of NIMH, haha).

Really cool concept! The vector/flat art style is very polished, and the background jam is definitely something I can rock out to, haha. 

I had a bit of difficulty being able to aim my character on both an Xbox 360 controller and mouse/keyboard: they seem to want to only aim straight horizontally or vertically, but don't seem to be able to reliably rotate around to aim.

Even still, the allure of trying to figure out the powerups and their effects is certainly there. The game is doggedly commited to the theme and as such, unexpected results abound at every turn! Each match is a hectic, chaotic mess that is sure to get a few laughs.

Fun, quirky little multiplayer title. The background pixel art is weirdly nostalgic to look at, and the battle music is channeling Chrono Trigger something fierce. The inclusion of performance-altering substances is topped only by their hilariously exaggerated affects. Don't do drugs, kids!

Fantastic platform puzzler! Brilliant puzzles, smooth progression of difficulty, and devilishly tricky platforming that requires a sharp mind and deft hands. Definitely some clever level design at play here, don't undersell yourselves!

This game is so wonderfully bizarre! The music that plays throughout is weirdly dystopian and cerebral, as though I'm on the verge of discovering a greater truth but am frightened of what it may be, haha.

Really great job nailing the theme.

I had way more fun with this than I probably should have!

Vinny related this most akin to a Newgrounds game, which I beg to differ: not only is this on and not on Newgrounds, but the amount of Clever on display here had me saying "I c wat you did thar" enough times that I would need two hands! Wait...

The wordplay is witty and the gameplay is clever. The sexy-time sax is almost "Oh God no" levels of cringe but it's perfect for exactly that reason, and I found myself falling in love with it in spite of myself. 

I love how comfortable it is in its own skin: it's simple, yet unafraid to make its punchline and move on. The comedy in discovering the ways in which each title both alludes to and disguises its gag is the kind of interaction that games are made for. I can only imagine the amount of fun that was had while brainstorming the various ways in which a pony and a click could pony and click.

Funny little creature-creator-sim-thing, haha!

My Instructions and Settings buttons didn't do anything; That's okay! Instructions are for untalented casuals, which I most certainly am not! Dragging the creatures around seems downright abusive, but they don't seem to mind, so it's alright. Probably. I quickly dropped most of my creatures down the bath-well, and stopped only when I realized I wasn't getting any more creatures to fill their now-vacant spots. I quickly had a bustling town of yellow slimes, exactly as I wanted.

Wait, let's start over again.

Spawn Salon is most fun when I'm largely unconcerned with fulfilling the orders and am simply watching the little critters go about their business; it's a bit like taking toys and bashing them together, except these ones sometimes actually react to each other and don't need batteries.

Overall, I had fun watching the creatures slink and bob about as they squeaked and bubbled amongst themselves.

What a refreshingly interesting concept! Sporting simple environments and hilariously silly pirates, Unexpectigun shines through with a snappy, jazzy soundtrack and cool-blues shootouts that will leave you outnumbered but not outgunned. 

Gambling the odds while surrounded by hordes of pirate henchmen is a surprisingly entertaining feat, accentuated by the aerial acrobatics of careening through the air in bullet time while gunning down swaths of baddies, as befitting a true space cowboy - er, gambler.

Definitely a fun concept that I can absolutely see having even further potential.

Aaaaaah, this game is so good!

The interactions are fun and interesting; Rowans coos and sighs are enough to melt the cockles of my heart. The art is beautifully executed, with a softly colored room warmly lit by a quietly crackling fireplace. The music is absolutely stellar, swelling to an emotional crescendo as you accede to Rowan's needs. I swear I didn't cry (though I wouldn't have been ashamed even if I had)!

The whole experience is so seamlessly stitched together in a way that feels incredibly polished, and comes across as wonderfully charming.

Beautiful work.

Interesting take on unexpected results; I expected some skeletons in the back yard (who knows, there may yet be some I missed) but Cranshaw herself is no slouch in scaring me as good as any ghoul.

It seems a little tough to be able to get enough money to buy any extra hearts, let alone the coveted bike! The traps instantly eliminate a life and your pocket change, and there don't appear to be any clear warning signs when traps are nearby, so it seems almost entirely up to luck whether or not you'll make enough money to buy hearts to offset any unseemly circumstances. Makes me appreciate the chores of my youth in retrospect! Still, with enough patience and persistence, I might be able to get that new bike yet!


What a cute and fun concept! Who knew so many dangerous little critters could come out from mixing everyday household items?! It's fun figuring out what strange creatures will come from mixing the ingredients together. 

Success seems a little too dependent on Chikibisci; I don't think I've had a successful run without one. There seem to be an abundance of hostile reactions from many of the critters, and the more neutral creatures don't seem to produce enough offspring to meet demand over the time limit. Still, with a little memorization (and maybe an Angel watching over), Ted doesn't have to get stuck with Leprechaun duty!

Rev 13 posted, now with proper ending!

It's a tad tough, but I hope you all enjoy the game!

Yeah, that's the extent of the game so far, unfortunately. 

This game was initially made for the GMTK2018 game jam, and it was a fairly incomplete experience on submission. I've done some work towards making it a bit more palatable to play, but there's still plenty of things that could be added to make it a more enjoyable experience. Sorry!

Thanks! The game is actually a meta-commentary about struggling to reach impossible goals, only to find ourselves in a pit of irreconcilable despair.

... Or just a biproduct of a lack of time and experience.

More like the latter. Probably.

I'm so sorry for your suffering OTL

But thank you for the rating!