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Really cool concept! The vector/flat art style is very polished, and the background jam is definitely something I can rock out to, haha. 

I had a bit of difficulty being able to aim my character on both an Xbox 360 controller and mouse/keyboard: they seem to want to only aim straight horizontally or vertically, but don't seem to be able to reliably rotate around to aim.

Even still, the allure of trying to figure out the powerups and their effects is certainly there. The game is doggedly commited to the theme and as such, unexpected results abound at every turn! Each match is a hectic, chaotic mess that is sure to get a few laughs.

Thank you for playing our game. And thank you alot for the post. On this particular version is tweaked for PS3 controllers, so I'm not surprised to see unexpected results (unintended ones) with other types of controllers. We're moving forward with the idea, planning to make it playable with diverse controllers in the near future. So feel free to come back before Xmas to try the updated version.