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Really fun game ! Love the feeling of total mayhem, and the way that all the object just fly all over the place. The time limit feels a little out of place, but I guess the game has to end somehow. I gotta get a cat

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Really cool game ! I love the idea of playing as the pet, and the gigantic, ominous human looking over you is super cute and fun.

The mirror is cool, and I like the idea of changing your mood, but I cant figure out if the Mood actually does anything ? Maybe if it changed your appearance so you can see yourself change in the mirror or something. For a week dev period, it's great. I'd love to imagine some more stuff you could do as the pet, but then again the life of a pet is pretty mundane lol. Nice job :]

This game is sweet, the models and animations look fantastic! And I love how when you feed him you just drop a bug in there and he finds it and eats it himself - a lot more interesting than just directly increasing the food meter. The pixelation filter is cool, but might be a little much - its kind of hard to see, maybe turn it down just a little bit, but I like the idea of it.

I just wish there was more I could do with Terry. It'd be neat if you could like pet him, or give him toys or do tricks or something. Obviously, if you had more time. But this is a really nice little spider-sim you've got going on here !

I first played it and read the description and thought this is gonna be pretty weak, but after like 10 mins I'm still vibin'

I totally L O V E the art style and color choices, great choice not over saturating it with too many colors or materials. The screen shake and particle burst and just enough to make it visually appealing but not cluttered. 

The beat is a strong one and really gives you infinite freedom to just vibe with it. It'd be interesting to see if you had another drum variant you could hit, like 'X' for a snare or cymbal or something, but there's a lot of elegance to just having one.  The last thing you want is to make this complicated, and adding new drums, or events that change the drums or the beat might just get complicated and you'd be thinking more than you'd be vibing. Out of all the games here, I'll be coming back to this one from time to time

The art style is so clean, and I love the way the background triangles spin faster when your moving - it creates a sense of unity (no pun) like all these triangles your jumping between are linked. 

One thing that confused me the first time playing, I spend the first like 6 attempts trying to avoid the avoid the timer as it moves around the triangle. It was a little odd since game pattern language tells me to aim for the gap in the triangle as it appears. Once i realized that it is in fact just a timer and not an obstacle it totally made sense, and I think it's a really clever way to implement a timer. I think it could benefit from a very clear indication that "this is not an obstacle." 

Also, it's just a little bit jarring to the eyes that the rotation stops when you are holding the button. Like if your at a level that's spinning pretty quickly, when you press the button the rotation just stops, and it's pretty tough to keep track of where you are and where the targets are after such an abrupt change in rotation.  If it the rotation speed stayed consistent while holding the button, I can imagine jumping seamlessly from level to level with different rotation speeds, and it seems like it'd feel a lot smoother. The abrupt jump from rotation speed A, then to Zero when you hold space, then to B when you land, then to Zero, then C - it just feels a little muddled. I'd like to see how the game feels when the rotation speed goes from A, to B, to C without pausing when space is held.  

I've been playing this game for like 45 minutes on repeat. I've lost track of whether I'm even enjoying myself - all I know is I must smash nut. 

You've achieved a really satisfying "smash" feeling, and I think that's thanks to both the sound/screen shake as well as the low-stakes game play. It's great that you aren't penalized or anything if you miss a nut, so it's a really relaxing but also captivating game play loop. I love how the nut counter at the top end up just filling the entire screen - in fact I think i'd be cool if it literally did fill up the entire screen by the end. Also, this is the kind of game that can just go on forever. When I first played it I was convinced it was just an infinite loop that goes on forever, so it was a little jarring to see an end screen - let me smash nut for all eternity please and thank you. 

Super weird game, and you really achieved something cool and completely different. Zen af

You've created such an elegant mechanic that's really fun to play with! Totally plays like an infinite mobile game with some spunk.

One thing I've notice that felt sort of clunky that after falling for a while without hitting anything, the ball's trajectory will point straight down, and while that's totally how gravity is supposed to work, I think i'd be interesting to see if the ball was always slightly facing a direction rather than straight down. Sometimes you get really radical bounces off the platforms that send you in a completely different direction, but other times it's like a tiny little tap that barely changes the angle, like a ping pong ball just barely grazing the edge of the table.

I think the most exciting part is getting those really radical bounces that send the ball in a new direction with some force behind it. And while it's great that the platforms have randomly generated position and rotation, it'd be cool if the range of possible rotations was optimized for achieving those radical bounces. 

Really excellent game with tremendous potential, great job :]

I really like the art style and theme of the game as a whole. The concept is simple but exciting. I think one area for improvement is the difficulty scaling. The rate of increase in difficulty is pretty one-dimensional - as more time passes, the frequency of asteroids increases. It'd be great to see a wider scope of obstacles - maybe new kinds of asteroids or some events that can trigger changes in the change rates of variables like movement speed, your radius, asteroid trajectory, etc. 

I understand your desire to keep a simple game simple, and it totally works as it is, but for this to be a game people want to come back to and play, i think adding multi-dimensional changes in play over the play duration of play would help add some excitement and allow players to wonder what might happen next, without changing the core 'one-button' mechanic. Really fun, clean game - well done

I totally love the speed this game runs at - its fast and precise and the enemies actually put up a decent fight. Great sprite work too - you've really managed to fit a lot of personality into the clone. 

Actually hitting the enemies is harder than it seems due to the really locked-in angle you can shoot the bullets. It would be easier if the bullets moved a little slower or curved to mirror your own movements like in the original, but it adds its own unique challenge this way which is great. Love the clone ! 

Really solid clone - it looks and feels really similar to the original especially with regard to the enemy movement through Z space. It's nice how enemies really do move on their own and you can actually lose track of them like good enemies should do - I think sometimes they do reach areas where they are impossible to hit, but most of the time they move really well. 

It is a little slow and I wish the max speed was a little faster, and as such the trees are almost a nonfactor since they are easy to dodge at such low speeds. I can't tell if speed increases each level, but having variety between the levels to ramp up difficulty makes it feel authentic.

The look and feel is great - really plays like the original but 100x smoother so nice going there. I also really like how the enemies seem to move relative to you, but they also have a mind of their own which makes them feel authentic.

If i'm nitpicking, the trees spawn in pretty close and it just looks a little bizarre to see all these trees appear out of thin air, but since you've scaled down the speed a little bit it doesn't feel unfair or anything. 

The player object and sprite work is certainly the star here ! looks great! And the movement is really precise and accurate - it makes dodging trees feel good.

One thing that's hard to overlook is how deadpan the enemy movements are to your own, since they mimic your movements and both enemies move in tandem. It makes hitting enemies pretty effortless since you can just move back and forth and spam shoot. It'd be great to see enemies that move both relative to your own movement AND on their own a little bit to give a more organic, less binary movement scheme for each enemy.

Wow, I can't even tell the difference between this and the original game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)