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You've created such an elegant mechanic that's really fun to play with! Totally plays like an infinite mobile game with some spunk.

One thing I've notice that felt sort of clunky that after falling for a while without hitting anything, the ball's trajectory will point straight down, and while that's totally how gravity is supposed to work, I think i'd be interesting to see if the ball was always slightly facing a direction rather than straight down. Sometimes you get really radical bounces off the platforms that send you in a completely different direction, but other times it's like a tiny little tap that barely changes the angle, like a ping pong ball just barely grazing the edge of the table.

I think the most exciting part is getting those really radical bounces that send the ball in a new direction with some force behind it. And while it's great that the platforms have randomly generated position and rotation, it'd be cool if the range of possible rotations was optimized for achieving those radical bounces. 

Really excellent game with tremendous potential, great job :]