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I've been playing this game for like 45 minutes on repeat. I've lost track of whether I'm even enjoying myself - all I know is I must smash nut. 

You've achieved a really satisfying "smash" feeling, and I think that's thanks to both the sound/screen shake as well as the low-stakes game play. It's great that you aren't penalized or anything if you miss a nut, so it's a really relaxing but also captivating game play loop. I love how the nut counter at the top end up just filling the entire screen - in fact I think i'd be cool if it literally did fill up the entire screen by the end. Also, this is the kind of game that can just go on forever. When I first played it I was convinced it was just an infinite loop that goes on forever, so it was a little jarring to see an end screen - let me smash nut for all eternity please and thank you. 

Super weird game, and you really achieved something cool and completely different. Zen af

I... cannot believe... you completed... the nut sequence.

You are a force to be reckoned with.