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I think one critique I do have is that the colliders you implement with the items on the screen and the player cube don't really seem consistent from item to item, like some DNA spins if I go over it but other DNA doesn't move. I also think that the difficulty is a bit intensified compared to the original game, which sort of takes away from the chill energy of "weird avant-garde reproduction game." This, along with the lack of accessibility of the music, does this for me. Like I'm sure that they don't have the music as part of the game because of limitations of the machine (although I can't say this for sure, I'd need to look into the hardware stuff for the ZX Spectrum), but I think they would've included it as part of the game if they had the capability. Like what you have given is valid and definitely ACCURATE but if I'm looking up a walkthrough of this game or sort of having the essence of the "experience" of the game I'm more looking for what they were Trying to convey.

I guess the only critique is like what kind of choice you want to make with implementation of the trees- do you want the smooth movement of the unity trees or the jerky pixel movement that's actually on the ZX Spectrum? It's weird to think about, but it seems like you did make your aesthetic choice here. With the unity movement.

This looks really cool, you have all the colors and controls down properly and it is easily connected to the original. I think my biggest critique would be to pay a bit more attention to the aesthetics of the UI, like try to find a font for the numbers that match the font of the letters. 

I love the colors that you used with this! I think that they really do a good job of representing the colors used in the game but with your own personal tastes, which is cool. I also really enjoy the sort of scrolling feeling of the controls. I think something I would pay more attention to, if you were to remake this, would be making sure that the trees despawn from the earlier playthrough when the player restarts. I ran into a few issues here, getting perpetually caught in a tree when trying to play. Along with what Jordan said, I also think it would be nice to see the player.

To go deeper, I think  the fact that you added the screen overlay of the moving b/w like transparent texture to give it the feeling of the TV static is super interesting. I don't think this was actually on the video but thinking on terms of how this game would Actually be interacted with, it would probably look like this while played on the ZX Spectrum. It was cool to see you interact with this prompt and try to figure out how to make programming it stimulating and a learning experience for you.

Wow I really enjoy playing this! It looks/feels very similar to the original but has a really cool way of implementing the moving trees with that sort of unity energy (that's not bad, I find it very enjoyable).

I really like the overhaul you did with the colors of the user interface! It still has the feel of the original but with your own personal touch, it seems.

I didn't realize that the %ideal entity points corresponded to any of the player interaction... it's super cool that you recognized that and added it in the description, and then also added this mechanic into your clone.

Love this! Great job. My favorite part is pressing s on the start screen.

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Had a lot of fun, reminds me of Dali or Grim Fandango, in the best way!

Love the trees.

Definitely evokes emotion in a cool way, can tell how tumultuous you are with the stuff not working and the throwing and such. The music fits too, and the background looks great. Makes me think of depression via school.

Stressed me out, super fun, hello Kerb.

This is really intense in a cool way, the first puzzle is a bit confusing but I'm sure it works out. Love the art/music combo! It looks great!

I'm a little confused by the "beg" mechanic and what you get from it but I really appreciate the ambient mall noises.

Definitely some interesting physics experiences going on.

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A really cool, visceral mechanic. Reminded me of MGS in a great way!

Love the bikes/ the art style, and the AI seems significantly more competitive than the first build I play-tested. Nice job!

It's a really pretty backdrop! Sometimes the spacebar is a little sticky, although that may be a WebGL problem.

Absurd and maniacal... awesome.

Love being a cat. Great game. Good noises.