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What does "this game isn't real" mean?




i have been 500% unable to find this anywhere. SOS.

Your art is spectacular!

Your feedback is helpful for the sake of playtesting, lets me know how people perceive the game without me there to explain it!
Hopefully when my academics get less crazy at some point I can bring this out of being a prototype.

Would you be able to describe the Elglore Smankoff bug in more depth? 

Also, by sam.exe, do you mean the friend on the couch?

Yeah there are! Similar to reigns, there are endings for all the stats going too high/low, and then there is also an ending for getting to the end of "the fish friend monologue."

What... is this.... yes...

This is great. I love the feeling of the swimming and the environment.

Great pigeon art.

This is so good who are you how did you come up with this... god Hank... wtf.

Wow, this is an amazing sensory experience. In terms of "non human perspective," I found myself stumped in realizing the legitimate perspective of the thing I whose perspective I was representing through visual signals instead of mechanical inputs. This recognizes the visual signals I think perfectly. You have a very strong taste and even more important, you have the ability to realize the taste in reality.

Critique: This seems more like an audio-visual experience that would be a part of a Bjork or Arca music video or something, so it seems like the player input is almost secondary to the experience. There is the feeling of confusion and trapped ness that I am experiencing from the suffocating darkness of the world, and I can tell this is purposeful and does interact with player input, but in reality I struggle a bit to understand what I am doing and if it makes any impact on the "game state." I guess, you need to reflect and think, "is there a game state in this work?" "Do I want ludology to impact user experience?" 

I love this game! The concept is so funny and really hits that point in reality where people are like, "ugh, the clock is messing with me!" It's a great exploration of such a feeling, and I feel like a feisty time snatcher when I engage with this game.

This game sort of reminds me of WarioWare in the best way. I could legit see it in one of the renditions. The eyes just need a spiky mustache underneath them and you're good to go.

Critique: I think the art is really good all around, but the eyes seem a little stylistically inconsistent with the rest of the work. Maybe a way to fix this would be to go back into them and give them a drop shadow, so they look cartoony 3D?  Like cell-shaded contemporary Mickey Mouse energy or something.

Oh, also the button press sounds are great.

I love this game so much! The style is great and it all looks like part of a planned, purposeful aesthetic set. You have a real talent with visual design! The system seems like a super cool take on Reigns (I believe, or you may have never played it and instead self-synthesized), which is always great to develop with other themes.

My biggest critique is that I wish the icons were a bit more understandable... they Look Nice but I can't really tell what each icon stands for with the meters. This might be purposeful, because we're playing from the perspective of an alien. Even if this is why they're hard to understand, there still I think needs to be a bridge between what the meters represent and what the icons tell the player, given that a game with such heavy decision making based off of written goals can be more effective if it can communicate the needs of the writing properly.

Like the cutting sound itself is good but the quality of it isn't great is what I'm saying.

This game definitely does the whole "bloodthirsty killer" energy incredibly effectively. The ambience was so intense it was a little stressful. This was good, though, you very effectively caputred the creepy, intense thing you were trying to portray, from the killing sound to the background music to the post processing you used. I especially loved the framing on the User Interface that gave the player experience a deeper cat iconography.

Critique: This is really small but I think the cutting sound, although very effective, its quality didn't quite match the audio profile of the music? This is obviously a critique that's reaching for SOMETHING to critique, so it's a super small detail that I personally don't know how to fix. I feel like everything else fits together so well that's the one loose end.

This game.... is enjoyable. Very much so. I was conditioned to press the button over and over. I was the rat. I got the concept. I have grokked this.

Critique: I would decrease the mouselook sensitivity a bit. I would also like some more "I am a rat" iconography in the box, maybe Dr. Skinner peering in from above or something. A little bit more "AHH" to the whole situation I think would be a benefit.

that was the point tho right?

HAHA This made me think of Danganronpa

Idk who cares about that tho the aesthetics are On Point.


I think I'm really bad at this game but I'm totally vibing. Nice dude. Love shaking sprite. Very good thing to emulate.

This is great. You really turned such a strange prompt into such an amazing critique of games. Love memes of Doom. Who doesn't? I'm sure you'll be itch famous from this or something. Music fits perfectly.

Critique: wish it was easier to tell if I was hitting enemies or not. I also wish the walls had textures.

Love this. Its like super different I feel like from what I've usually seen of ur stuff but also super strong. It reminds me of the stuff u post on IG in the best way, like a physical pictorial manifestation of such things. The word jumbles are very good and super expressive. I like the music but I wish it looped a bit more smoothly (although this roughness may be intentional, unknown).

aksjhdfgkjahdgj I love this so much tbh. When you described it to me irl I was like "eh yeah" but playing it now im like "EY YEAH." This is like the epitome of mocking and celebrating found objects in the best way. i guess all of our games are, but this is almost a direct interaction with the concept in a great way. I love the voice modulation in the beginning. I think there should be more beatboxing in this game with my voice. Otherwise it's great. Oh there should also be raycasts.

Are you sure you didn't play this game in the womb? :-)

There... was something addicting about this game. I really wanted to see all the skins. I couldn't stop playing. The noises were so good. It all felt very good to play. Good job. Also I loved the art of the street and the fire hydrant and its various skins. They were exciting to unlock and looked genuinely interesting for fire hydrant skins. Like you do a better skin design job than a lot of games, it felt so good. Wow.

Critiques: I want the wrench to be in a different space in relation to the mouse. Like I want the mouse to be "holding" the wrench part that would be held by a human hand. I also think the UI buttons could look better and be more consistent with the rest of the art style (for example the line width used with UI vs the art of the street was absolutely different).

This game is really potent. I like the glub glub weird sounds and the like tinkle tinkle weird sounds. I have no idea what they're for but I like them. I also love the textures you use on the television and smaller television. Also I really love how the introductory menu looks, I think it's very easy to rush past such a thing and be like "oh this isn't part of the game let's just dev it and get it over with" but this one looks visually thought out and purposefully put together in a very nice way.

In terms of critique, I think I wish the camera controls were a bit easier to understand. It felt like I was pressing all of the buttons all the time and nothing was happening or too much was happening. Maybe just having the A and D keys rotate the camera on a pivot would be more effective. Yeah I think generally there are some weird things going on with raycasts in this.

I love this so much, it's so soothing to have open and just watch. I love this... crab? I think it's a crab, it's like a cyborg crab I believe. I love all the little emotes it has. Also beachball and the water textures are... tres bien. Lol. I could see this being a great screensaver or desktop background. I love this little crab so much. I love its little emotes. The way you have it as a pet game but we aren't directly interacting with the crab is also very good, feels Fresh.

My only critique is I wish that there were sounds when spawning/despawning the sound and water.

Drew this is... potent. It definitely effectively mirrors the feeling of having a pet rock. I love the tone of the words you use in this game for the UI, "feed" and "play" are great because of the quotes around them.

My biggest critique: I would prefer if the UI were more consistent between the buttons and the cycled through strings that appear when you press the buttons. But this may have been purposeful! Like the fuzziness of the button text may have been to sort of have this very specific sarcastic feeling, so idk. Anyway I still think a little more consistency would feel better, like all of the text having the same outline or being the same size. Another thing I would like is if there were more string to be cycled through so it would feel a bit more fleshed out.

Aww I love this so much! Its like one of those quizzes from online or like from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon but it seems really well done, almost a sorting hat energy (which every player loves, the key to any introductory fantasy or class system or whatever). I think this is super enjoyable and really showcases your tastes in a great way. I also love the music (I think it's like the shop music or Beetle's music?), it definitely soothes. I think the only input I have is that when I press the right or left arrow keys I'd like a small sound effect, sort of similar to the intent that you have when the player chooses one of the options a sound effect plays. I'd also love if the little wizard had an animation of some kind but that might be a bit too out of scope for a jam like this.

God Leo this is great.

This was.... enjoyable. It made me blush.

I... cannot believe... you completed... the nut sequence.

You are a force to be reckoned with.

I love this game. It's so funny, it's so contemporary, it's so "on trend." :P Yeah honestly your sense of humor really comes through here and it's potent and good. I love being the gorilla, I love the animalistic feeling of spamming the spacebar only to get an awesome middle finger at the end. "Perfectly captured."

I guess the only critique I have would be to add sound effects or something? I don't know if these would necessarily add or detract, because they'd be sort of forcing the player, through their implementation, to continue to think about the game in a specific way, whereas I think a big strength of this game is the fact that it's so blase and raw with just the crazy tapping of the spacebar. But that could be something to think about. I think all the other things utilized in this game (art, player input, writing), are very effective and do what they're meant to. Aka, good job!

Hey Nate, this is so peaceful and enjoyable to play, I really am having a good time with it. I love the water shader you're using, especially with the little pink neon edge on it that adds a little bit more visual stimuli. I also love how it feels to skip the rock, the bounce on the water is exactly what I want when I press space and it goes back up in the way I expect as a player.

In terms of critique, I think I would spend a bit more time modeling the rock, or adding something into the game to pass by the rock as it goes forward, in order to continue to keep the player's attention while they're playing. I don't think such a thing would even have to impact score, maybe just a buoy or a seagull or something.

Haha this is so great Gen. I love the expressions of the characters, they're very telling and very sweet, as is a trend in your work usually. I think the goal and the input/intent of the game makes sense here, it is very clear to players what they need to do, even if they don't read the directions they can pick up on it as they keep pressing space. The music also complements the game really well, making it fun and casual feeling, along with the sound effects and the hearts that appear after a kiss.

In terms of critique, I would try to spend a bit more time looking into fonts to use for the game and also trying to visually consolidate the user interface elements. For example, having the drop shadow behind the thought bubble be the same depth as the drop shadow behind the sliders would make these two elements feel as if they are part of the same game and not assets ripped from different sources. This correlates to color choice and outline with user interface as well, the sliders on the bars are good but the white outline makes me feel as if the element is from a different game than the sliders they are meant to work with.

I love the aesthetic cohesion of this game! The music matches the sonic outputs and feeling of the game and the visuals all feel as if they're part of a consistent space (ie the fonts, the shapes, the slight darkened details in the background. The simple, perpetual puzzle is also surprisingly complex and interesting.

My biggest critique is that I would like more control or input when moving the ring, it feels as if the ring moves too slowly for me to be really in control of what's happening. Maybe this could be fixed by decreasing the amount of time it takes to reset allowing inputs?