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This game is really potent. I like the glub glub weird sounds and the like tinkle tinkle weird sounds. I have no idea what they're for but I like them. I also love the textures you use on the television and smaller television. Also I really love how the introductory menu looks, I think it's very easy to rush past such a thing and be like "oh this isn't part of the game let's just dev it and get it over with" but this one looks visually thought out and purposefully put together in a very nice way.

In terms of critique, I think I wish the camera controls were a bit easier to understand. It felt like I was pressing all of the buttons all the time and nothing was happening or too much was happening. Maybe just having the A and D keys rotate the camera on a pivot would be more effective. Yeah I think generally there are some weird things going on with raycasts in this.