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thank you so much for the kind words it means a lot, having such little time you always doubt your ideas!

Hey thanks for playing the game, yeah the enemy spawning is just to random some times, thanks for the feedback

Art is great but I didnt quite understand the magical arrows just appearing and hurting me?

Style is amazing, loved it, ending made me giggle.

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I really liked this, Some bugs do make it a little troublesome but I think with more time this could be a fun little game

this is what game jams are all about Silly fun little games, I wish I could have as much fun with my work next time, loved it! inspiring stuff!

This is by far my favourite of the all the games I have played today, THIS WILL MAKE THE VIDEO FOR SURE! the music and sound design is so good! Amazing work! honestly love the aesthetics to.  if you polished this and gave it a clean vector line look it would POP!

Very cute and funny, made me giggle a few times, this could be a fun little mini game in a larger detective game, love it!

Very good, I like it I don't really understand how the connecting thing works tho? does it generate more money?

I really liked it, I don't understand how to make food, and also there needs to be a way to dump something u caught in the hookshot because sometimes it doesn't connect and you can't do anything. overall solid idea worth expanding .

thank you, yeah unfortunately I ran out of time as it is with these things, I agree with all your points! I really didn't expect anyone to actually get to the end *red face*. good job!

I like the idea a lot, the controls are a little strange and not well explained, also dashing is to powerful,  maybe it should cost little, I literally avoided every enemy and kept running, maybe but doors that don't open till the enemies are dead. other then that good job.

Very good game, I like it a lot, I could see this being a mobile game like angry birds with a little more work, my only criticism is pretty easy, you just spam build and you can collapse the buildings on the enemies, you should make it so the blocks can't fall out of the zone, or limit the amount of blocks you get, but that comes later. great work!

looks great, i think you could have added more complexity by making the tiles unmoveable if the player is on it.

was good until the vertical shaft and having to jump and throw, i could see what i needed to do but it was a bit janky and didn't work

I really liked until it got to blind faith part of getting the key in the dark, no way to no what I was doing,

Hey thank you very much for playing, I agree with the bars being confusing without context. I will update the description page.

I wrote the music for the game,  its original.

you should really play the lastest Build, that one is old.

Hey thanks for bring this to my attention, so after doing some digging I didn't quite find a definitive answer. I did read something about this happening in win32 versions so I made a win64 version, I played it through and it works, so please download and try that version, if that doesn't work then I really don't know.

Great play through, you made me laugh a couple times.

you should really try the latest version.

thank you really glad you enjoyed it.

You can sprint now, and you're going to need to, grandma just got creepier!

that's all good, I'm glad you liked it. I see you have a eye for details you very interested in all the seams in the world haha.

some very clever puzzles all derived from a simple mechanic, this is some Nintendo level game design right here. very polished loved it.

great play through, I loved your reactions to grandma, exactly what I wanted.

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there is two small jumps but no big heart attack scare, if you even dont like tiny ones I can message you to let you know what they are, so you know they are coming. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The new version has a new model and slight edited reveal. Thank you for the comments.

Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot. I spent a while on the lighting and the SFX so I'm happy someone noticed. I love watching people get scared, I'm happy it got to you. 

Thanks for playing the game, so glad you enjoyed it, that's also the nicest complement I think I've ever gotten on something I've made.

great playthough, I get so nervous watching other people my game, I'm glad you liked, its funny I have never ever seen the visit, this game was inspired by a movie called Hereditary, which I highly recommend.  

Hey thanks for playing, I've had heaps of feedback on the models, but most of my decisions were dictated by time. I made this game as a way to learn unreal and it's my first non system driven game, so the whole experience was challenging. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it that much, it's not really a "gamey" game just a short little idea, so maybe it's my fault for not making that clearer. Criticism taken on board and hopefully you enjoy any future games I make. 

Hey great video, and feedback, I'm more about the goosebumps then the jump scares. I will update the models soon I've had a lot of feedback on them haha. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for your feedback, I agree with you. I wish I had the time to make a unique model for grandma and the knife key haha, but the project already bloated to 6 weeks to make, so i had to draw the line somewhere. Great play through I'm glad you enjoyed the atmosphere that was the most important aspect to me.

great play through, the front door knife, I lost it! haha, yes i need a unique model for the knife and grandma still, thanks for playing.   

Thank you for the play through I really enjoyed it, watching you play showed me a lot of what I can improve, this was just a small idea I had for a while, but I will make more games :D

Hey, thanks for playing through the game and recording it, was fun to watch you play. I hope you enjoyed it, If you have any feedback that would be great too.