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Very beautiful game, but it needs something to force me to come out of hiding. I think the life mechanic is reversed, I shoud lose life when hiding and keep it when not, after discovering hiding I hid behind a bush and have been surviving for over 10 minutes, checking the game once in a while, so far no one came to look for me, and if I had left the hiding I would have lost life.

My ball completely jumps off the playable area when the wave changes.

The game crashes for me whenever I choose an option different from what the game intended.

You have to keep holding the lmb until it fires, if you release it before it wont work... Also after I started using it there's no reason not to only use it, it almost gave me RSI trying to defeat the bos without it (because I'm dumb and played the game without reading the comments below haha)

Yeah, it's meant for controllers, but if you must the controls on the keyboard are the arrows, space to jump, enter to fire and q and e to dash.

Ops, indeed I forgot the pck file. Thanks for letting me know, I've uploaded a new file which is a tar that has both files now.

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oh, ok, I'll change my game to exclude the audios I used ;). Good thing someone asked.

Edit: I'm assuming fonts are OK, otherwise it would be very difficult to make a game.

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Language: C++
Library: SFML
IDE: Kdevelop


I used sounds I got from Kenney asset pack, I hope that's not a problem, if it is I can just leave the game mute (it's less annoying that way anyway hahaha) Audio was removed as informed in