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Patch has been pushed which should fix these bugs

It's no surprise you felt the combat had a touchy feel to it, it was inspired by pattern based smart phone lock screens!

Thanks for giving it a try!

I originally had the game use mouse controls for combat, but I couldn't get it bug free in time, and the mouse controls didn't really work anywhere else in the game so I focused on a purely keyboard experience.

Thanks for finding the time to play my jam entry!

If you're struggling to defeat the enemies after understanding the input system, be sure to check out the skills to memorize combos that deal a lot of damage.  You can check which skills are available by pressing F1 outside of combat to open the main menu.

Thanks for giving the game a shot!  I didn't spend a lot of time on it, resulting in a puzzle game that's just a zen mode.  If I were to go back and spend some more time on it I'd just add in a time mechanic so you need to solve each puzzle in a limited number of seconds.  That way there is a way to lose, and it becomes a matter of seeing how far you can get.

As for a quit key, games exported by Godot usually have the standard Alt-F4 way of quitting built in.  Works that way on windows, should on linux as well.

Glad you enjoyed it!  Some keys and treasure are hidden deeply in the dungeon or behind special walls.  I'm a fan of old dungeon crawlers so I'm used to playing with some graph paper or excel to map things out and keep track of where I am.  It's especially valuable in this kind of dungeon crawler that takes you out of the dungeon for a little to do combat.

my bad, thought I had checked it off but I didn't