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Sorry about that! Made the game PWYW. 

I *love* Free From The Yolk and it’s staggered character and faction level play. 

Faction Turn is a really solid and juicy distillation if that style of play. 

Absolute love at first sight! Top of my list of pick up and play games now.

This looks fantastic! The Blades and Liar’s Dice elements gel really well and reinforce the fiction pitch perfectly. 

That's great! Glad I could save you some time. Hope your game goes well~


BBBL fucks. 

NOVA SUNO fucks.
Great use of the 24XX framework with for a really tight evocative piece.
Def keeping this in my back pocket for pick up games~

Yep, just those 10 pages~ 

Just a rules-light but punchy tabletop rpg  :)


What's the win condition?


This is my favorite game of this year

Thank you very much for the kind words! Very glad you enjoyed the game :3 and I appreciate the feedback as well!
Definitely some really good ideas to simmer on esp the character builds and suggestions.
I do hope to revisit/follow up this game with a tournament style option and that might work out better for that longer format. 

I'm so glad you had a good time with the game! I'd be happy to clarify~

Re Techniques. They are intended to be used only once per Match. The phrasing could be worded clearer and is likely a carry over from an earlier state where the 1 use/match rule was not cemented yet. I'll make a note to punch each of those up for clarity. 

Re 6's High & 1's Low. You got it! Normally with 6's high the hierarchy would be 6>5>4>3>2>1. But in rounds when Fortune's Reversal is used the hierarchy reverses with 1's high like so 1>2>3>4>5>6.

Appreciate you letting me know your thoughts and speed-bumps with the game! Hope you're able to have some more good fights with it <3

A couple of the things you've pointed out do need addressing. I'll get around to making an update as soon as I'm able. Thanks for the feedback. 

It's intentionally short to keep it light & punchy. Where do you feel examples and fluff would be helpful?