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Heya! your project looks very cool! What I'm working on now is an arcadey fighting game, like power stone/street fighter.  The idea is to make something that is fun and easy to pickup, but has some interesting systems that'll create for some exciting matches between players. Think lethal league blaze/nidhogg where the systems are simple but there's a lot to discover. I'm a few months into development, so I have a movement and attack/defend system working and I'm tweaking that to make it all feel responsive and fun. I have a dummy model in the game to test animations and systems and stuff, and the project is at a good place now to start thinking about adding proper characters with different mechanics and work them into the game. Sorry for not posting any screenshots, I'm a bit protective of the idea.


I'm working on an arcadey 3d fighting game and looking for someone to help me design and make the different characters and moves for it. Think Street Fighter, Power Stone, Smash Bros.  The idea is to finding a new and unique style of game, characters and systems though, not just remaking those games.

I'm a professional game designer (10+ years in the industry) with a bit of programming skills that is developing this (currently) as a side-project in my free time and I'm looking to team up with someone who has lots of fun and cool ideas about characters and is able to create and animate them. Everything is still quite open , so there is a lot of opportunity to shape what the game will become together.

I've been working on the project for the last 3 months. The project is playable and a lot of the basic systems are all working, I'm busy optimizing all the systems and making it ready to add all the new cool stuff that'll happen when the characters come in.

If this interests you, send me a message here or a pm and we can have a talk if the collab fits.


It's a very fun and well executed game, I think this has quite some potential to grow into something past a jam game. Nice!

it's a really fun game, the story really makes you keep going and wanting to know more. love the music mixed with the death sounds too. great job!

oh, that's strange. I'll have a look into that. Did you play at a certain resolution?

Thanks a lot, happy you enjoyed it! We had a lot of fun making it :)

thanks, will do!

thank you!

very interesting setup for a game. thanks!