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Thank you very much. *She bows.* It was 3 and 4 that I was having trouble finding.

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{Esther} Well, whichever god you follow, they seem to be malicious and enjoy fomenting hatred of people for existing. I would be curious about which one it is, though, as I still have limited knowledge of this world's religions.

{Tamamizu} I would like to fill your sock drawer with vermin, but I am afraid I cannot at the moment. I apologize, I will get to you with appropriate and well-deserved vulpine mischief as soon as possible.

{Esther} Can you stop rambling about your god of evil and religion of evil and let people enjoy things?

Also, does anyone know how to get the Fourth ending? I followed the hint from the third ending, and made sure to make the two choices after the first ingredient necessary to avoid the second, but every combination I've tried of the next two choices just gets the third ending again.

I would like to inform you that the Wiindows version does not work with the Itch app because it's not properly marked as for an OS. This isn't a huge problem, but I figured you might want to know.

A different account...? *Curious kon.*


Same problem with 1.1

Hmmm... got one hint from this. Wonder if there's more. *Wiggles!*

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Just can't find the last form, just to the right of the dragon on that screen.

EDIT: Huh. Apparently it's not necessary to complete the bestiary, at least.

Rei wants me to tell you that you can just use her name instead of calling her out so explicitly with that content warning at the start.

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We... like this. Rei and I, the most drone-aligned elements of our system. (Rei's robo-kin as well as nekomata-kin, and just generally likes drones, anonymity and such. I'm a doll, among other things, so it hits some of the same stuff) Reset day is cute and sweet and hopeful and fun, but coming to this (We'd planned to play it for a while, but forgot about it), it's already shaping up to be intense and touch on some stuff we really missed from Reset Day.

(This was written early on, will edit or reply with more thoughts later)

EDIT: Okay, the whole thing is very good and it's a lot more doll/drone than Reset Day. Its canonicity is... ambiguous, to be sure. (Parts seem to directly tie into Reset Day, while others seem to outright contradict it) The writing, presentation, and gameplay are a lot more rough, but definitely prefer the *experience* here.

You mentioned porting this from RPG Maker? *Wiggles a tail, thinking.*

{Fuurin} Mewmaids! Fuuwin wants to pway! >n.n<

IQ calculations seem to be broken in this version, though I'm not sure how. I just ended a game with even the winner significantly dumber than they went in, which is hot, but not how it's supposed to work.

Nice, though would prefer to at least have the option to see it from a girl's perspective. Still good, though~

(Also, best guess as to the cause for a pink sky? Hellhound with unusual tastes. Most of us I've met like our bimbos and himbos dumb, not just sex-obsessed, but we're actually a pretty diverse bunch, so maybe there is one that wants them to still have brains, just totally focused on fucking.)

... You wildly misunderstand my issues. My issue is not that the situation "isn't that bad," but that saying "We can't do anything at all about this, but it'll be okay anyway" seems to be a call for passivity. People *should* be engaging in disruptive, even violent action to mitigate the damage as much as can be at this point and preparing for the catastrophe to come, while the game's ultimate message seems to be to just sit there and hope you're one of the ones to survive.

Well, that's a shame. *Wiggles.* Still, should get this edition if we ever have money again.

Meant the second. Been playing the old one for... *quite a while* now, off and on.

This one regrets not ever having enough to back you on Patreon. T-T

What's different about the demo and the paid version? Kind of want to poke to see some of the differences from the original release, but this one also wants to understand what it can actually experience that is different from that version in this demo, if anything.

Honestly, seen corruption take the form OP mentioned, and also other forms. It varies a lot. My issue is less the corruption, than that the dude behind the plan is just too detestable to root for, even in a kinky way. Driving someone to suicide is just a bridge too far, and just makes me want any ending where he loses, whether it's a Pure Aura, or an Alicia rebellion at some point. (Golden ending for me would be for Rose to loosen up a little, Aura to lose some of her arrogance and excessive self-sacrifice, and Alicia to mellow out on her maliciousness and all of them to form a polycule, but that's... not likely, is all I can say.)

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I... posted a bug report on the Steam forums, not knowing about this spot. (Also, would've likely bought it here if I knew about this spot!)

(It... had to do with *something* related to the Scarecrow Status causing characters to restore 25 HP every time they hit, and also disappear entirely except as inventory items if they became Onaholes)

EDIT: I've... also been completely unable to find the Blue Jewel from the hint offered shortly before you get the Blue Tome.

Oddly, this one says it's updated more recently than the Open Source version, but I can't think what would have updated.

Less than 400, at least assuming "full" is "when she stops growing bigger." If there's an actual completion result beyond that, no idea.

It seems a little weird that Ending B rather than Ending C is the secret ending, given that Ending C is the one you have to get special collectibles to obtain, but, well, B is the one that is unobtainable and wouldn't even make sense on the Introvert route.

Ending 6 has big "I saw the true ending of We Know The Devil and wanted to make it hornier" energy.

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Do you get locked into the Demon Goddess Altar just by asking Q, or do you still get a choice later? (This doll did avoid getting her involved after realizing just what kind of shrine she'd be building, but it's still curious)

EDIT: Also, got the Gym trigger scene before whatever scene was supposed to precede it, by the looks of it.

EDIT: Also a box to click with something about updating to a May 2020 version? Weird.

Wondering what the max bimbo level is for the non-bimbo version of the ending from getting a class change. (Also, how the heck you can get the third scene from the top, as it appears to be a variant on a scene you can't normally get while still looking like that?)

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Quick tip for anyone trying to keep their bimbo level low: Get the Iron Armor. You can do it pretty easily if you solve the puzzle in the cluttered room and the one past the path it unlocks, and it completely trivializes the Ice Guardian. (It's not enough to get past the others by itself, though, and you stop being able to use it after you get to Bimbo Level 2. "By itself" apparently being a key word.)

Is there any sort of strategy advice for building a group that might actually make it? Or... anything else?

Still love these, even if your art was a little rougher back then.

Ooof, this doll wanted to check on a comment it left earlier. (It's been a while since it's played, because of, well, the main villain being the kind of person who drives people to suicide, which, as someone who has dealt with suicidality and suicidal friends, kinda put a damper on this doll's enjoyment of the corrupt-y funtimes.)

Finally got around to playing it, and... this doll wants to know more about Maia. There's some things that can be pretty easily inferred about her situation and mental health, but... some things still felt a little cryptic.

{Susie} That'd be sooo romantic! *Bluuuush!* n.n Jan saving the slime in distress, and then they're joined, together forever, to make lots of new slimes~ *Swoon.*


{Nezumi} Anything I can do to help? *Squeaks softly.*

It's mostly human-readable, but appears to have mark-up or notes for... I'm not sure what?