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... You wildly misunderstand my issues. My issue is not that the situation "isn't that bad," but that saying "We can't do anything at all about this, but it'll be okay anyway" seems to be a call for passivity. People *should* be engaging in disruptive, even violent action to mitigate the damage as much as can be at this point and preparing for the catastrophe to come, while the game's ultimate message seems to be to just sit there and hope you're one of the ones to survive.


I'm sorry I misunderstood your first comment. You're right, from a certain point of view it does seem like passivity. From my point of view, I think it's more realistic that the established power, regardless of the warnings and regardless of what we can do individually, will not do anything. The cool teacher actually does something, he goes there and invades the rich people's bunker. My question is, in that situation, what else could be done to "mitigate the damage"? They had already past the point of no return. We have to admit there's a possibility of this to happen, horrific as it can be. I'm not even sure we can even affect the outcome of our situation right now. I have no evidence that we can. Sometimes I have hope, sometimes I don't.

I am 42 years old and have spent over 20 years trying to do something, only to have my struggles commodified to entertain younger generations. So the fact that nobody does anything in this game strikes me as more realistic than a vague hope that we can change something, even if we do resort to radical actions. It's not that there's nothing to be done, it's that nobody in power is going to do anything. I don't mean to sound nihilistic, but I can understand the idea that there's no future. When you can't believe in something without evidence, you can't believe in fighting for a better future without evidence that this outcome is possible, considering the damage we already done and the generalized lack of will to change.