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Hi, I'm interested! I'm available on Discord as bbzkaren or by email at

Oh, I understand. But don't worry about it! I offered because I'm building a portfolio as a translator.

In any case, that is good to know.

Take care too! Greetings from Brazil.

So, in short, my suggestions are:

1. More input. Much of the vital info about the game is not in the game itself, but in this page. Maybe a couple more dialogue lines would help let the player know they're on the right track. Maybe make it more explicit that we're looking for a sign from the Geiger counter, or trying to reach the very bottom in particular. 

2. An impulse command might make navigation less frustrating, especially after having started over a few times.

3. A way to replenish some oxygen. That might also give us more to interact with using the E key, adding consistency to the gameplay. Currently, it seems to me that there is not enough room, or time, for exploring and making mistakes. 

I have a few more ideas other than that, mostly to add to the atmosphere. 

Overall, I like concept and execution of this game and would like to see more. Sound effects are very well executed and so is the ambience, both in model, texture and effects, especially light range. It definitely has potential.

Alright, just managed to finish the game. I did need some outside help, though.
I have a few suggestions to make, and that is because I think this has great potential and deserves to become bigger and more polished.
Overall, navigation with the WASD keys was smooth, if only too slow - especially when you've replayed many times. |Even though it is a short game, it feels somewhat punishing having to start over many times because missing an entryway might ultimately mean you'll run out of oxygen before you can reach the end. The fact that I could mostly tell where to go in order to proceed even with the little clues given is very positive as this is not an easy thing for the player to figure out alone. I did expect more interaction with the "e" key, and thought I'd end the game with no dialogue at all until the very end. 1/2

Great game! Good puzzles and pace. Good continuity of the plot. But what really stands out in this game is the quality of graphics and atmosphere - really outstanding and impressive work, especially for one person!
If you are interested, I can translate it to Brazilian Portuguese free of charge.  Cheers!

You had me at "made with real udder". Great short game

Maybe give it to the sad kid outside for a funny dialogue? Didn't try this though

Hello, I enjoyed this a lot! Apart from the interesting characters, I like the art style and aesthetics but, mostly, I want to commend you on the puzzles. Despite this being a short game, the puzzles were solid with good build-up - the in-game feedback, if you're a person like me who likes to interact with everything, gives the player enough information to figure out what to do without making it obvious. Player feedback was also consistent, i.e the cracking sound and dialogue prompting us to go downstairs or investigate bedrooms when available, look for mouse bait, or leave the mouse trap be when nothing else could be obtained from it. This type of feedback, consisting of visual, sound and text clues, is vital so the player understands when they've advanced and does not waste time with fruitless actions, and I consider it to have been very well-done here. Puzzles are one of the hardest things to do right, and this game does it right, which I consider its greatest strenght.