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Thanks so much for your kind comment :)

hey! I swear I fixed this for the steam version, I might’ve forgotten to update it. Shoot me an email at!

hey thanks for your kind words! Always appreciated!


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As there's no adult content, take the all ages versions of my games right here.

and a jam game for good measure -

I forgot about mac! If you promise to leave your thoughts here, I'll do a mac build for ya!

Hi! I'm Katie, of NewWestGames. I'm looking to join the Jam this year as my current project finishes up! I'd like to make my first ever free project with the help of some awesome folks!

The (untitled) VN revolves around a NB femme protagonist, Alex, who after graduating pilot school is thrust into the front lines as her country heads to war. She gets placed on the oldest spaceship in the fleet with other queer women, showing the commander's obvious bias. Together they fix up their ship, and get embroiled in a dramatic battle for the freedom of their homeland, and perhaps find love along the way.


  • Alex (they/them) - the protagonist, and pilot. Hotheaded and impulsive, like most starship pilots, she loves a challenge.
  • Citrine (she/her, trans) - Bridge officer. A quiet, soft spoken woman who needs some prodding to bring out her best.
  • Raissa (they/them, genderqueer) - Engineer. Loves getting dirty, has a big heart and was voted 'most reliable' in high school.
  • Ciel (she/her) Tactical. Brains and beauty were gifted to Ciel, but she has an icy exterior. Knows her job better than any other.
  • Joie (she/her) Captain. Joie is tall, and commanding. There's never any doubt who is in charge when Joie is on the bridge.


  • GUI Artist
  • Character artist
  • Background Artist (experience with ships and space helps a lot here!)

I'll be taking care of the script (though I'd love to collab on the overall plotline!), music and programming.

If you're interested in working on this with me, please contact me here, via Twitter (@newwestgames DMs open), or via Discord (8bitKatie#9223).  You must have a Discord account; I'd like to start a section on my server for us all to use.

Not sure why, but I've updated things my end, just in case. Give it a try!

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Information online seems to vary. should show a 'request key' button either on the main AWCA page, the Download page or on your purchases page.

If it still does not appear, please email me from your paypal email address at and I'll send a code.

EDIT - I'm showing some redeemed keys, so it must be possible!

Thanks. I'm currently out of town, with no access to the builds. Send me an email at and I'll send one as soon as I'm back.


Hi Tetxisk,

Though the build currently should work on both 64 and 32, I can upload another just for 32. Which platform did you need?