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Wrong. I've been gaming my entire life and especially enjoy indie games for leaving more open to interpretation and analysis. There's just a difference between leaving something to be discovered and designing a level that doesn't properly communicate itself to the player. You can't presume the player to be wrong or unintelligent because they took a direction away from the main objective of the game if you gave them the option to walk away from it. This game serves as a perfect example because I spent a fair amount of time combing over the same small areas spamming both positive and negative energy at anything that would react to them. Given that I have the ability to move around and use those two abilities, it's frankly disappointing when nothing significant happens when you use all three of those actions. And to clarify, I did eventually move to other areas to see if I was supposed to just skip past what I had been combing over, and what I'm saying is that I began to question whether it was really worth my time to keep trying to do something significant if I could just go and play a game that had a little more direction. It's just not rewarding to spend 20 minutes wandering around aimlessly.

I'm absolutely bewildered by this game but can't make any sense of what I'm meant to do or why I want to do it. Maybe it's that I'm using the PC controls and it would make a lot more sense if I was playing the game as intended, but as of now I'm just completely missing the point of what would be an incredibly unique and compelling experience. I really, really want to get this game, but all I can really see after about 20 minutes is that I can make things grow and shrink for no real reason.

So my feedback is this: I didn't understand. I'll never know if I would have liked this game.

Also there's something weird about collision while jumping. I haven't got screenshots or anything, but I was able to jump through the ground in some places. It wasn't a huge impact on my experience, but it's... a thing.

Thank you for making this incredible game. I wish I was able to get a hold on the objective.

No problem! I need a new monitor as it is, but appreciate you getting back to me when you could. Looking forward to your next creation!

I'm really happy to see you gave this a look. Looking forward to the new version!

Half the text is always off my screen. Really wanted to play this.

Feels bad man.

Tutorial level needs an overhaul, imo. This is kind of a critical part of the design that my understand and my experience is that players will want to be able to blow through it, just to get a handle on the controls. I jumped in the spike pit to confirm that the spike traps I saw were spikes, and not a grass sprite of some kind, but my character's jump wasn't high enough to get back out- a little bothersome, but not a huge deal. What gets me is how difficult it is to kill the first enemies you run into, not in the sense that I find it to be challenging, but kind of annoying when my expectation going in is going to be that I hit the ground, play with some controls, knock some bad guys over, and get to the next story point. I tried to play this before going to work and didn't really get to give this game a real look because I was stabbing at a shield for 10 minutes. I'm kind of thinking that if I didn't know any better, I might have honestly just put this down if I wasn't specifically trying to give every game I play a chance.

A little slow paced. Interesting concept, but I feel it lacked any kind of rewards throughout. I kind of had to talk myself into finishing it. I think I would have liked it more if there was more leading up to each encounter with the boy.

I'm a guy myself though. It's harder for me to relate to this, I guess.

Glad to hear it! I'm pretty new to anything off Steam, so I'm pretty starved of unique experiences, so this was especially different from what I was used to. I'm really curious of what can be done with gaming as an artistic medium, and this game was kind of a gateway of possibilities from my point of view- I hope to see more of it.

Feedback on Depression: I had a moment when the ground was declining below me that I was terrified that I was going to fall right into what was metaphorically a pretty dark state of mind, which for some people would perfectly characterize the experience. I don't know if you considered adding some kind of gradual acceleration that sort of climaxed to a moment of just sliding helplessly into the pit below? I don't know. I know you're probably very past this particular game, but I thought I might share what I was feeling in that moment for you in case it becomes relevant to a future project.

I'm going to give the contribution box another pass on this one.

When I realized what the fountain was, it sent chills down my spine.