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Half the text is always off my screen. Really wanted to play this.

Feels bad man.

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sooo sorry it took me so long to reply... just caught up in some stuff at the moment...

I am so sorry the game doesn't display as expected... I sadly don't have a fix for that issue, as common as it is. Its really an example of unnecessary choices that turned out to be very poor in retrospect... I chose to not display the resolution(quality) selection window unity displays by default... and because of that... the only fix is not even an option. I am sooooo sorry about that... and unfortunately I cancelled development, so there just simply won't be a fix because the files are trashed...

I am just happy that you found it appealing... and am sorry that you could not play it.

I just hope life is in a good place for you and continues to be in such a place...

Take care; thank you so very much for your interest,


No problem! I need a new monitor as it is, but appreciate you getting back to me when you could. Looking forward to your next creation!