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Wrong. I've been gaming my entire life and especially enjoy indie games for leaving more open to interpretation and analysis. There's just a difference between leaving something to be discovered and designing a level that doesn't properly communicate itself to the player. You can't presume the player to be wrong or unintelligent because they took a direction away from the main objective of the game if you gave them the option to walk away from it. This game serves as a perfect example because I spent a fair amount of time combing over the same small areas spamming both positive and negative energy at anything that would react to them. Given that I have the ability to move around and use those two abilities, it's frankly disappointing when nothing significant happens when you use all three of those actions. And to clarify, I did eventually move to other areas to see if I was supposed to just skip past what I had been combing over, and what I'm saying is that I began to question whether it was really worth my time to keep trying to do something significant if I could just go and play a game that had a little more direction. It's just not rewarding to spend 20 minutes wandering around aimlessly.

That may be the case, but then it's a problem specifically affecting you. I figured out what to do in 10-15 minutes while exploring several areas and managed to complete objectives right after. It really isnt that difficult.

Yeah maybe don't pull that macho git gud crap here. That standard rant on people nowadays needing to be led by the hand is a tired routine, proved wrong at every turn. You're confusing streamlining, which is good, user-oriented design, with over-simplification. You must be quite desperate to prove you're clever if you have to resort to a comment thread on itch.

I dont see how "you can figure it out within 15 minutes" is "macho git gud" crap.

There are literally hints drawn on the ground indicating where you have to use your powers, I dont see how that's not self explanatory design?