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You can sell cards by holding right-click.

Fun game. The only issue I have is that glyphs are somewhat underutilized (as there's not much incentive to get them, they're expensive, and they generally aren't super useful). Otherwise, I like the gameplay loop, and it's fantastic. As someone who loves Inscryption, this is a great game.

Hello there! Was wondering if there's any way to get in contact with you guys - I've been wanting to ask about the 2 new games you guys said were in development in an old blog post on your website. I haven't been able to find any ways to contact you, since none of your team members seem to be credited in any of your works. I'm fine if it got cancelled or anything - I just want to know any information on it.

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Fun to play in co-op, but not big on the singleplayer.  The difficulty is kind of all over the place and there's not much of a consistent difficulty curve - for example, me and the other player found one of the bosses near the end of the game to not be that difficult.

EDIT: I have changed my mind, this game is awful.

By not using any of the checkpoints and then dying I was able to bring the Pointe Shoes and Umbrella to the upper area above the waterfall and get to the village. Not much to do in the village sadly.

Really fun game! Every inspiration you listed I can see a bit of in the game. I do have a question though - what are the fan drops from enemies for?

...Wait, wouldn't Bubble just make you invincible then?

Also, I've realized the staggering importance of the number 4 in Gun Rounds. The standard for enemy HP at the beginning of the game is 4 HP. There are 4 worlds and 4 levels in each. The shopkeeper sells 4 items. There are 4 different enemy types in each world. You can hold up to 4 weapons at once. It's very strange.

I just killed the final boss in ONE TURN using Doorbuster combined with Cursed Skull and Symbiotic Clone for a grand total of 120 damage. And although that is a lot of damage, it's not even the most broken build! That would be Flash Sale.

Flash Sale is an attack that deals 5 damage and pierces, which is already pretty good - a lot of enemies in the game will die instantly to this, except for some in the Crypt and all of the enemies in Gehenna. However, Flash Sale consumes ALL of your ammo, no matter how much you have. But you can remove this problem with 1 item: Gun Oil. It'll automatically reload for 5 ammo at the end of the turn if you have no ammo, doesn't use up a turn, doesn't lower your guard ring, and counts as a reload. Infinite ammo for Flash Sale. Even better: Since it counts as a reload it triggers the effects of Bubble and Totem. Therefore, you can get healed for 3 HP AND get a free hit EVERY SINGLE TURN! Since you don't need to worry about ammo, you can ALSO get Mirror, which lets you reflect bullets. Normally Mirror removes how you get bullets from guarding, but since you don't have to worry about ammo, it's free reflection! Plus, if you add Contract, enemy HP is reduced to the point where all but 1 enemy and the boss will instantly die to the attack! This build may not kill the boss in 1 hit, but it's definitely enough to keep you from dying in any section of the game.

I'll be trying to beat Normal Mode without taking a hit now.

Just beat Hard Mode after not playing the game for a while.

I managed to get a build to defeat the final boss in two turns - I dealt 60 damage on one.

Super fun game, would recommend to anyone who likes fun.

I really enjoyed this game! The puzzles were expertly paced - they never felt impossible, yet they never felt too easy. The exploration was absolutely great - it was satisfying to hit switches or get keys to finally find out how to rescue a rabbit the game teased me with on one screen with a wall. The music is super good, the Forest theme probably being my favorite. The way the game combined all of the various different mechanics near the end was great, and some of the puzzles really got me thinking. I highly recommend this game to anybody who likes fun.

Awesome game! Can't wait til that extra content comes out!

Thanks, it worked!

So, I started downloading a game using the itch client. Once the game finishes downloading, it should start downloading the next game in the queue, right? NO. IT DOESN'T. Instead it displays "Queued (clock icon)" over the game and when I go to downloads it lies to me, saying that it's downloading. I have this same issue when trying to prioritize items in the queue.

I was playing the game and then, randomly, upon booting the game once I got a fatal error! I reinstalled the game and it still came up! I'm assuming it has something to do with save data, but I can't actually find the save data. Oh yeah, awesome game by the way, but this error has prevented me from playing it for a week. The error itself is something along the lines of "fatal error in room creation code for room 0, expected some number (yygi32) etc.".