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Neat game! Decided to speedrun it, got a decent run in a few hours :)

Neat game :)

I know your comment is old but here you go anyway :)

Hey, the game is in closed beta right now. It is not available for download at the moment.

There will be an update on this page when the game is available.

Happy that you found the game pretty ^^

You actually do manage the height of your jump, but there is a certain minimum height that you will always reach. I know how I could have made the jump conventionally “better”, but I went for this feel intentionally. Not letting the player feel 100% in-control.

On the difficulty part, I should’ve had a more diverse group of people test. Some say that the game is really easy, and some have difficulties with it. I could have done a bit better there.

The off-topic-ness, I personally agree. I made the general atmosphere and feel of the game comply with the theme, not really gameplay.

Thanks for the feedback!

The heals spawn inside of geometry sometimes :(

The enemies having more freedom in where they shoot than the player feels a bit unfair. It’s also annoyingly tricky to land shots on enemies that are hovering just right in front of you, but slightly above, because you have to time the shot just right with your jump.

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Couldn’t understand the game fast enough for it to really hold my interest.

At the main menu I was trying to click the notes, instead of the buttons above the notes. I did not realize those were buttons at first :P

I think this game could have been improved a lot by:

  • Having some more playtesting done by other people
  • Some better music. The piano loop gets tiring on the ears after a few loops.

Good luck!

First of all, if you guys also composed the music, good job! I was jamming out to the “game over” tune while writing this :) I also do like the whole Atari-vaporwave aesthetic you have going on. Cool stuff.

Post-jam fixes I would love to see, in order of importance:

  • Move the camera up a bit, makes a big difference on how the game looks

  • Have the music not restart on level change

  • Remove wonkiness from ladders (couldn’t climb them up smoothly all the time)

  • Iron out the soft-locks

  • Fix Z-fighting

I didn’t know where to place warp portals on that list, nor do I know what to say about them. They kind of just feel like an arbitrary addition.

All in all, this game has a few issues, namely the camera being too low & the music restarting, that prevent this game going from “It’s fine” to “This is really impressive!” for me. Those are mainly technical issues, mind you.

If you end up coming back to this game for some post-jam love, please let me know!

I agree. But, I didn’t want to worry about the theme too much, I just wanted to get something out there ^^

It appears I bit a bit more than I could chew… I tried fumbling my way to a solution on the 3d part for a while. Will maybe do it later :)

I have a few other projects going on at the moment, but a 3d version shouldn't take too long.

I'll probably make a really basic version (just like the current 2d one), and improve it later if I feel like it.

Let's set a deadline for the fun of it: You'll see a 3D version before the ratings close

I'm probably missing something, but how do I get past the second level?