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A jam submission

Abyss TrailView game page

A short experience made for the 7th Brackeys game jam.
Submitted by neropatti — 1 day, 17 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game Design#1383.7143.714

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does you game fit the theme?
The general atmosphere of the game is very dreamy. Eerie yet calm. Not something out of reality.

Did you write all the code and made all the assets from scratch?
Publicly available code/assets used:
- CRT-Screen shader made by Yui Kinomoto @arlez80 (
- Smoothing node made by @lawnjelly (
- Fonts


Everything else has been made within the jam time-frame for this project:

- Music composed by MaximusCXI
- Game icon by @rosmeme_
- Everything else by neropatti (that's me!)

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Well done, like the atmosphere and details of landscape, like the spikes and pipes. Music is great aswell and adds a lot to the atmosphere. I would probably have tried to implement the theme (apart from the atmosphere) a little bit more, probably throughout a game mechanic. Apart from that, well done. Hope you keep it up!


Calming and just enough challenging game with some incredible finishing touches to animations and the look and feel of the game. Congrats on your first game, it is very good keep it up!


Nice concept, I love the atmosphere of your game ! The visuals are simple, but stunning, and the way you used the light is really good, visually AND gameplay-wise. My main concern is that it's not possible manage the height of the jump. It is quite frustrating for an autorunner, and it makes the game way harder that it should be ^^'. I also find the game a bit off-topic, but it's a good game nonetheless =) !


Happy that you found the game pretty ^^

You actually do manage the height of your jump, but there is a certain minimum height that you will always reach. I know how I could have made the jump conventionally “better”, but I went for this feel intentionally. Not letting the player feel 100% in-control.

On the difficulty part, I should’ve had a more diverse group of people test. Some say that the game is really easy, and some have difficulties with it. I could have done a bit better there.

The off-topic-ness, I personally agree. I made the general atmosphere and feel of the game comply with the theme, not really gameplay.

Thanks for the feedback!


Simply amazing! 

This by  far my favorite one. From the graphics to the music, gameplay and mechanics I feel like it hits every category. Perfect for the theme!

Well done,


Very cool, I liked how you used the shadows to help the player see what isn't real. Great job. :)


Really polished stuff, amazing work.


This game is making me feel both relaxed (by the amazing music and the simple but beautiful graphics) and frustrated at the same time (because I apparently just can't jump) . 

I didn't really see the connection to the theme, until I came the shadow blocks, which looked really cool by the way, really creative use of the lighting/shadows!

Being able to die during the credits somehow made me laugh :).

Well done, you made a really cool game!


Simple but beautiful graphics. Looks really great!


Cool game, I like the atmosphere.


Nice game! Not too difficult but challenging. Well done with the theme, I got tricked a couple of times. Enjoyed it!


Awesome Atmosphere, the music and dim graphics brought it all together! I think more levels and extra mechanics would make this an amazing game!


Atmosphere is really good. And the shadow platforms are really cool, but I feel like this didn't follow the theme that well.


I agree. But, I didn’t want to worry about the theme too much, I just wanted to get something out there ^^

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

SUOMI! Really good atmosphere and fun. I played the whole game trough.

And Ratainen is also SUOMI! But he didn't say it.


I died many times, but it's addictive. Good stuff!


This is actually quite amazing. Kudos

love the atmosphere and the game is simple and engaging