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hey, no need to apologise :) the version on itch is separate from steam (steam version has achievements, cloud saves etc). You do not get a steam key when purchasing on any other platform (itch, kartridge, gamejolt), sorry!

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hey thanks very much!

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Hi fellow Jump Gunners, 1.4 is now live and brings a near total overhaul to the game. The update features feedback from the player community and from the hundreds of multiplayer rounds played live at GDC and EGX.

If you haven't played the game before, Jump Gunners is the definitive couch combat game for up to 4 players, matching fast paced hilarious recoil jumping gunplay, with core gameplay that is easy to learn but hard master. Become the champion among friends, as you fight alone, or team up together against your foes. With multiple game modes featuring over 20 weapons, 80+ destructible environments, custom battles and single player challenges... Jump Gunners has something for everyone!

Jump Gunners Store Page

Here are the major highlights:

  • BOT AI players for selected game modes
  • Horde mode, survive against waves of AI players for as long as you can
  • Tons of new levels added and existing levels re-balanced
  • Weapon re-balances across the board, and increased bullet collision accuracy
  • Major camera tracking improvements
  • Gameplay re-balancing, fixed a lot of issues with the overall game feel
  • Major performance updates, faster level load times
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • More hats of course!

Jump Gunners was featured by Microsoft at GDC 2018 and EGX Rezzed, and here is me at GDC meeting with other amazing creators who loved the game, including Tommy Refenes (Super Meat Boy), Mike Bithell (Thomas was Alone, Subsurface circular and Volume) and some of Team Mojang!

Please be aware that the following are fully supported controllers:

  • Steam Controller
  • Xbox 360 Wired & Wireless
  • Xbox One Wired & Wireless (inc elite)
  • Sony DualShock 2
  • Sony DualShock 3
  • Sony DualShock 4
  • Logitech F310
  • Logitech F710
  • 8Bitdo NES30 Pro
  • Nvidia Shield Controller
  • MadCatz C.T.L.R
  • Steelseries Nimbus

** Controller vibration with Steam Controller on Mac and Linux is not supported **

Other Controllers not listed:
The game is designed to work with most dual analogue stick controllers, and should work fine as long as they use Xinput. If your controller does not work properly, please contact our support and we should be able to add support for your controller, as long as it is a known brand manufacturer.

Hi, these are the controls

Move - WASD / Left Stick
Aim - Right Mouse Button / Right Stick
Fire - Left Mouse Button / Left Trigger
Reload - R / X (xbox) / Square (playstation)
Sprint - Left Shift / Left Bumper
Action - E / A (xbox) / X (playstation)
Cancel - Q / B (xbox) / Circle (playstation)
Inventory - I / Y (xbox) / Triangle (playstation)
Items - Tab / Left Bumper
Flashlight - Z / Dpad Up
Change Weapon - Mouse Wheel / Dpad L/R
Pause - Esc / Start

Just press the action button to use the item :)

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Hey dude, just watched your video and really enjoyed it :)

It's so interesting to see how differently people play the game! Just FYI, you an turn on most lights in the game to save on battery, there is stealth mechanics though, so that eye in the corner near your status bars gives your stealth level. As you spent most of the time in the dark, most enemies cant spot you that well, but I am changing that up now as firing or attacking will now expose your stealth level.

funny you should also mention door codes (oh, btw you dont have to write them down, they are stored in your journal!) I actually thought of randomising them each playthrough a few weeks back, but impliementing that is not trivial, but its on my list of things to do :)

Thanks again for taking the time to make this, really appreciate the support!

Kind Regards,


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Hey man, that was really awesome to watch you play through, so interesting to see how others play! By the way, hold right mouse button to aim when using keyboard and mouse :)

I will share the video on my social channels, thanks for being the first person to make a lets play :) As a thank you, I'll send you a code for the fullgame on steam when released :)