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This is a solo ttrpg that aims to help you write the story of a character who always has other people's voices in their head. Most of the times literally! In this game your main character will struggle between the legacy of what others want them to do and what they really wish, and you will use dice to see how well they do with that. 

This game was my submission to the jam "Gaming like it's 1927" and it's based off the ghostly shores depicted on the painting "Menin Gate at Midnight". The weight of knowing what a fraction of the phantoms there wanted you to do would be a heavy burden, wouldn't it?

Thank you!

I'm making an analog game for this jam and I'd like to know the basic rules for the sourcing, if there's any. I know that the works are public domain and that's why I'm using them but should I put something besides the name of the authors and the name of the paintings somewhere or is there anything else I should add just in case?

Oh my god I love that you have this version, I've read it everytime I wanted a good cry while looking at beautiful art and now it's easier to read!

Thank you a lot! I'm actually working in making an actually nice to look at pdf and some art in it, but I'll definitely message you soon for some advice!

This looks really fun, and some of the system seems like it will be really useful for something I planned to do later so I'll definitely consider hacking this, good job!

This game is really cute! It gave me a smile but also made me sad, kudos!