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Drift Hunters community · Created a new topic Cool game!

This is naturally a game of somebody with enough time to make something beautiful, fun, and out standing. Beautiful graphics, Cool cars, and finally, it works!My seal of approval!

A track of lies, wait wheres the track? (This game is really epic)

oh hail to the no, to the no no no hail to the no

ah, okay, thank you!

Might place this into tesla motors simulator (might be a mistake)

I found the debug menu but I don't know the commands, what are they?

backwards compatibility time

I mean, I haven't downloaded it yet but I'll check out the problem too.


I kinda wanna put this on my 64 bit laptop

I only got the range error array buffer allocation failed.

This is the issue I'm having

I think it's a coding error, wait for the dev to patch it

(1 edit)

Can I install this on my standard account? (ps I mean Windows 10 64 bit)

Hello fellow nep

we need net neutrality

BLACK HOLE! *Dies in black hole* F to pay respects

Me and the boys defying gravity

This should be game of the year

I almost crashed my laptop running this game but it worked well, good job! (Perfecto game)