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I didn't test it on Firefox o.o I don't know what could be the problem.

I'm glad you liked it, that's exactly the message I want to convey!!

Thanks for the feedback!!

*Slams table* This was what i was talking about! Loved the 4th wall break, I think the best way to make a game about free will is doing the game aware of himself.

The music is simple yet it helps to the atmosphere, I found some minor grammatical mistakes too.

The narrative is well written, that feel of "something's wrong" is well transmitted to the player.

Good game, I enjoyed a lot playing it!!

Interesting idea! I loved the shaded pixel art!

It was done in a hurry because the original project was corrupted xD

I'm sorry for the grammatical errors, after the jam we have planned to fix all the errors/bugs and implement all (or at least a part of)the things we had planned since the beginning.

Thank you for the feedback, i'm glad you liked the game!!

Thank you!!

Thanks for the feedback!! I'm glad you liked it! The soundtrack was planned but we couldn't decide the "style" for it, again, thank you!

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I lost more time that i want to admit playing this, how this game can be so addictive and  fun?

The character creation is on point, I appreciate the effort put in it.

I loved the story, It gave me a "Why all my words are true?" vibe, I hope you continue this ^-^

I don't know if is an problem but I can't hear the audio :/

A huge "WHAT" is what i said when the game "glitched" and the goal was undefined, it was a cool game, it makes you think.

A bit weird to understand, but is very fun to play!! A tutorial in-game would be great for a future update!!

129 kills? mi record personal fueron 114 .-. y lo de la dificultad pienso arreglarlo (entre otras cosas...) en una versión post-jam, gracias por el feedback!!

Gracias!! Intenté hacer el juego algo dinámico sin que se sintiera demasiado alocado, gracias por el feedback :D

Está muy bueno, la mecánica es entretenida y fácil de entender, el juego tiene un buen balance y la generación aleatoria no comete locuras, es bastante entretenido para pasar el rato.

This is a very fun game!! Very impressing for 64x64 resolution, the only problem is the length of the game, and i understand is only a Jam game but i consider the coins should have some usefulness apart of score, apart of that is a very fun game and it have a very exploitable idea.

Thank you for the feedback!! i will try to fix the most of them!!