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No problem :)

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I think that beacuse it is devlog. If you enter project page you should see something like "You own this game" Download button and when you Claimed it. If still not, I see your email in buyers list so I can send you a code that you will activete with this account :) Let me know how it goes. 

what? no, updates are free

New building:

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Tycoon Starter Pack - project page

In this topic i want share a progress of updating or adding more stuff to my asset package. In asset devlog i want to post monthly updates, and here i want to share more often things, mostly because i feel a strong need to share current progress :)

So for now my most post in this topic will be related to updating models and textures to this package. Today i finished those two models:

in background is old model with old texture, and in foreground is updated one. Since TSP is from 2015 i want to use all my knowledge I've learned over the last five years. So new models have increased multiple texture materials: albedo, normal maps, height maps, reflections, emission, ambient occlusion. I had alot stuff to do now! 

We will try fund it via kickstarter in 2021. It will be looks like that visualisation + will have soundtrack with 8 bit and modern versions and keychain like this:

Since my game use 3 colors: red for background, green for enemies and white for collisions it was unplayable for players who have protanopia or deuteranopia. This is why i decide to prepare a special version that is in releised package. New version replace red color with blue, I didint had enough knowlage about this topic, so I searched internet and with some help i prepared a new additional version.

Tower of Sorrow is a platformer game for Sega Master System inspirated by Rick Dangerous and Castlevania, it was made with KiddED editor using Alex Kidd. Game can be played on Sega Master System or Mega Drive / Genesis via everdrive or on PC via emulator. 

During my Winter Sale Tower of Sorrow along with other things is 50% off, only 1,5$ Below a visualisation of that release


I'm trying everything and is not running