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Hi dxbudgie!

Do you have an e-mail address or discord name to get in contact with you?

Nice game; love the graphics and music! We used to make our games with GameMaker Studio as well. The sound of the die roll was a bit too much though :p

Fun little shooter! The sudden shift to 3D was also a nice suprise ;p


That's okay, we couldn't either :p. Thanks for playing!

Certainly a ragey game and the circus theme is really nice and befitting. I would only raise the mouse sensitivity a little bit, but apart from that well done!

Very annoying game. Every time I died I didn't see any enemy bats and every time it turned out to be the stalactite xD. Very ragey, well done!

I don't think I have ever raged more because of a game. Simple concept, but great execution. Honestly, well done ;-).

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Hey Olikat, thanks for trying out Jungle Madness. We actually did both themes, but they got a bit lost because of the time shortage. Lost because the player is lost in a jungle and needs to get back to the camp and Rythm because the game's boss is defeated by carefully pressing space on the rythm to attack and defend. And for your bleeding eyes, we will upload a 60 fps version ;-). Thanks for your feedback!

Just tried it, works perfectly! I love the minimalism <3.

No problem! I have the same issue with my games as well. It worked perfectly as admin. Thanks for the quick response. :) 

Nice game! I love the artstyle. What's up with the giant skeleton? :p

Hey, it seems i can't play the game because of some security issue. :(

Danku! :-)