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caro, i'm crying! thank you for this thoughtful and touching comment. <3 ;_; <3

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Home Again

Play as characters who work to take reclaim the heritage that had been wrested from them by mysterious magic, for the sake of their community.

40 years ago, the Tao people and their island community were transported by some unknown means to the outskirts of a modern city. Play as members of the Tao community that have grown up with this legacy and fight every day to build on it, in the face of a society that doesn't understand them or care to.


  • The Book knows how things work in this world and knows what information is valuable to whom. When they don’t know, they at least know where to look. They have an inquisitive mind and a nose for the scent.
  • The Boss knows how to get the most out of other people. They love to amass power and delegate, but aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either.
  • The Butterfly believes it’s not what you know but whom you know. They're the type of person who seems to know everybody and isn’t afraid to lean on them. They’re not completely selfish, though; they know the value of coming together.
  • The Gambler takes risks. They put themselves out there as much for the reward as for the challenge. They always seem to be able to get out from between the rock and the hard place.
  • The Minister looks after those in need, even those who don’t realize they're in need. They are caring and supportive, but they will practice tough love too if necessary.
  • The Sensate lives a little bit outside of normal existence. Their intelligence is an emotional, nostalgic kind. No one seems to ever believe them, but that doesn’t stop them.

Home Again is in active development.

Thank you! I produced this iteration somewhat feverishly, but you can bet that I’m not done exploring many of these concepts.