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I didn't get everything either, but playing a mimic is a nice twist!


Yeah, they're really sneaky. Thank you very much!

At first I was confused, but the whole idea is really nice. And congrats on the voices :D

Nice use of the theme! Would love to see a more refined version of it!


Cool idea! Was very pleased to find through playing it that fireballs destroy each others.

Nice game, congrats!

Cool concept! I couldn't say anything that has not been said below. Congrats on the jam entry!

Thank you! Yeah I was very happy with the pitch.

I agree with that has been said, the game feels too easy, but damn it looks and sounds very very good!

The game requiring you to destroy what you just build is a fun idea :D

Thank you very much!

Thanks for taking the time to play and leave a comment!

Ok this made me laugh. Really fun idea, cheers!

This is very very good, had a lot of fun!


Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you liked it despite the problems that have been discussed below.


The whole art direction is awesome.

The how to play screen and the gameplay is hard to grasp, but it's a nice concept.

Presentation is awesome, congrats!

Very cool rendition of the theme and this concept.

Wow, very cool concept! Shoutout to the audio part too!

Glad it made you smile, mission accomplished for me :)

Thank you for taking the time to check it out!

Yeah, the game clearly lacks feedback from the heroine. I take note of your ideas. 104 is still a very good annoyer score :)

Thank you both for taking the time to play and for the feedback!

This is truely awesome.

Really nice game and concept! Congrats!

Is the wonky camera voluntary? It fits the whole ghost thing :D

Cool concept, albeit a little harsh for fishes. Really fits the game jam's theme.

That farmer's relentless!

Congrats on the submission!

I understand what you're saying. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to check it out!

It's not, but the Windows build is not marked as "Windows". So, the Windows logo does not appear and you cannot install the game in the itch desktop app.

Thank you a lot for taking the time! Very glad it pleased you.

I ask myself the same question. For the jam, it was easier to not display them and it reduced the information's frontload, but I don't know.

I think the discovery of new rules is cool, especially if there were more of them.

Thanks again!

Really cool game! Ambience is neat, shooting feels good. Congrats'!