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Thanks! It was about a year and a half of work. I've been working on different games for so long that I don't really use tutorials any more. I've streamed most of the game's development though, so maybe that could help:

Thanks! I spent so much time on the characters lol. 3D characters are really not the play for a 2-day jam if you want the game to get done!

Thanks for playing!

Wow, working on 2 projects for a jam must have been a lot!

Thanks for playing! I bit off so much more than I can chew with this lol

Thanks for playing! It's Godot 3, but I reused some custom shaders from my other game that give a bit more color to characters. The code for them is here if you wanted to see:

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'll think on your feedback

Thanks!   It was pretty fun to make, so it could be worth it to make a more complete experience.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had fun!  I like the creepy elements of the game too, so I'll keep dotting them around.

I've never seen a puzzle game about the Game of Life, this is neat!  It's not too hard either, which I was worried about.  I managed to get par on every level.  The story is very short, but I think it frames the game in an interesting way.

Awesome, thanks for playing!  You might be the first person to get all 4 guns (or the first to mention it here).  There are some bugs I'll have to work out, like shooting during menus like you said, but I'm glad to see you had fun!

I've made a v2 of the demo addressing some the problems people found.  I think it's pretty good!

Wait, OK, I realized my problem.  I didn't understand you could hold the click button, but I also didn't understand bosses can damage you by hitting the reticle. I couldn't figure out how they did so much damage, but now I get it

You can actually get up to it from the ground by firing two shots, so maybe that's the confusion.  Now that I think about it, in a video someone made, the puzzle only clicked when they realized there was another ammo machine higher up the tower, so they could afford to use both shells at the bottom.   That's another thing I could make more clear to the player.

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!  You actually solved the ladder puzzle correctly lol.  Multiple people have gotten stuck there,  I think because players expect it to be just shooting, since it's the first time the switches are used.  I should probably introduce the switches in isolation and then have that puzzle, so people know it's more complex.

Thanks for playing, I appreciate it! The original inspiration for the gameplay was platforming with limited jumps, so I'm glad that came through.  The controls are almost a universal sticking point, so I'm going to experiment and refine them for the next demo.

Thanks for playing, anyway.  I'm experimenting with some improved controls now.

I appreciate this, it was super informative! It shows there are problems I've started overlooking because I'm so used to playing the game, like the camera controls, and some things that weren't tutorialized at the right time.

Lots of refinements left to do!

I think there's a good start here!  One thing I'd add is some more levels to ramp up the difficulty.  The fact all the enemies are faster than you, tend to swarm, and do so much damage makes the first arena brutally hard until it all clicks, especially since I only saw the upgrades after beating it.

Cool to see that idea from Yahtzee's series expanded.  This is fun!  I think there's plenty of room to keep building on this.

I've added a Linux build (sort of tested, I got to the end at least), and also made some tweaks to fix some of the main bugs/confusing tutorials.

Thanks!  Yeah, I agree with your suggestions.  PC controls were a recent addition and could be improved in most areas, like menus.  I do like the idea of having two guns, but I'm worried about the balance, since there are puzzles based around getting from point A to point B with limited jumps, and with two guns it may get quite complicated for me to design and the player to figure out the right combo.  But maybe it'd work as a mid-game unlockable, where you'd then be able to breeze through old areas and have new, more complex areas that take two guns into account.  That's something I think would be pretty good, actually.

Thanks for playing!  I'm thinking of ways to make the controls more intuitive, since I think I can preserve what I like about them while making it easier to just look around and stuff.

Some of the issues are also just incomplete content.  The level's meant to be a densely-packed concrete jungle, but right now it's mostly empty.  And the pistols are for combat and actually don't give any air at all, but the only combat's completely optional right now.  I do like the idea of more movement options.  Perhaps something more limited, like a dive or a wall kick.

Thanks for the feedback!  You have a good point about the game not being a third person shooter.   You aren't shooting at targets most of the time, so there's little benefit to the gun always being aimed at the center of the screen.  I think I'll experiment with it some more.

Thanks for playing!  Good to know some people don't mind the controls.  I think there are still improvements to be made, but it'll be largely like it is now.

For the ladder puzzle, I bet the problem is that the game never tells you that you can shoot the target again to deactivate it, and at one point you need one active and the other inactive.  I should probably explain the buttons over multiple puzzles so players know they can do that.

As for that ladder, I'll push it more upright, and I should probably put collision on them anyway, since the only reason there wasn't was because it was causing problems if the player was on the wrong side of the ladder.

Cool, the keyboard controls work.  This is neat so far!  I've never seen a turn-based stealth game before, and I think this does a pretty good job with it

I think the bug is still there.  The main menu doesn't respond to any input in v1.09 or v1.10 for me.

Maybe I just can't click fast enough

Pretty fun and refined, but I have no idea how to beat the green guy unless I install an autoclicker or something.

This is cool!  It's a challenging game with how far in advance you have to plan your moves, and I enjoy it.

My recommendation is to make the UI more user-friendly.  I couldn't figure out how to exit the tutorial or training room without closing the game, for example.  And selecting the CPU character with the arrow keys sometimes didn't work, and I think it'd be better to select them with the same controls as the player.

I think with some refinement this'll be a fun and unique game

I don't know how to play, but I think I made Canada into an ethnostate.

The game could use more information about what it is and what things you can do, even just a simple text manual or more on the game page.

I had a lot of fun playing!   I quite like the enemy designs, and the voice of the larger enemies is a very charming choice.  I think this is a good first impression and look forward to seeing more!

Thanks for playing!  I've been thinking of ways to refine the aiming, since a few people have mentioned it's hard to get used to.   I have some ideas, especially for mouse and keyboard, which I found much more clunky than the gamepad.

And I'm glad you like the dialog!  It's a lot of fun to write, so I'm intending to have encounters like that be a regular thing.

This is promising!  Good sound design, nice visuals, nice music.  The hacking's intense when you have to read out and type complicated text like the superuser or encoding.  I can see this being expanded for all sorts of interesting challenges.

One thing I'd suggest for gameplay is resetting the terminal history when you get booted from a server.  Right now if I fail to get the exploit in time, I can try again and rapid-fire the commands by going through the terminal history.  Maybe that's intentional for the test missions, but some suggestions if it's not:

  • Have the remote sessions use a separate terminal history.  When you get disconnected, that history is cleared
  • For harder missions, maybe some attributes in dprint are randomized
  • When the timer hits zero, close the whole terminal window like it crashed or something

I also found the game crashes if you type ":impcon set_host" with no argument, followed by ":impcon config".  It seems to work for setting other config in other exploit commands, like :raexec.

Overall, nice work!  This is pretty cool so far.

I prefer to aim in a direction and re-center the camera with R, but the mouse and keyboard controls were a recent addition and aren't very refined.   In the next version I'll have it so once the mouse goes off the screen the camera starts to follow it, which I think will make it more comfortable.