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This is a rare and intriguing solo larp that gets its power from using your imagination while playing in actual bodies of water. Could be renewing or haunting, depending on how you play it. A novel set of prompts for playing pretend alone.

Grog is a brief and evocative solo game that could be used for either roleplaying (if you play it as a character) or a ritual of transformation (if you play it as yourself), with a creative use of physical objects you probably already have lying around. A cool little game!

I just downloaded it today & still can't run it on Catalina (the app won't open)

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Visigoths vs Mall Goths is a tabletop roleplaying game and dating sim about the conflicts and romances among the warriors who sacked ancient Rome and 20th century spooky teens, set in a suburban Los Angeles shopping mall during 1996. There are a lot of bisexuals.

Imagine a surreal combo of The Craft, Empire Records, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Clueless.

Bored in isolation & need to go for a walk? Try GOSSIP SQUIRREL: SOLO WALKING LARP!

It's a 5-20 minute game for taking a walk alone during a pandemic. Talk to animals, plants & inanimate objects! If you're stuck inside, you can play from a street-facing window!



You are a Gossip Squirrel! That’s a real live talking squirrel who loves to gossip!

In this game, you will walk (or wheel) around your neighborhood alone, talking to animals, plants, and inanimate objects and telling other animals, plants, and inanimate objects what they said.

As a squirrel, you speak many languages of the streets, so you have the option of talking out loud, in any sign language, with gestures, or even with the power of your thoughts. You can also speak to the objects at any distance, with or without a mask.

The goal of this game is to experience the outside world, get some fresh air, move your body, and have a little imaginative fun during an isolating and stressful time.


Visigoths vs. Mall Goths is a tabletop roleplaying game and dating sim about the conflicts and romances among the warriors who sacked ancient Rome and 20th century spooky teens, set in a shopping mall in a Los Angeles suburb in 1996. There are a lot of bisexuals.


  • illustrations by Robin Eisenberg (Thrasher, Vans) and Lluis Abadias Garcia (Dungeons & Dragons Retroverse)
  • layout by Vee Hendro (Good Society
  • maps by Olivia Fields and Jackson Tegu
  • adventure episodes by Liz Gorinsky (Goth Court), Mabel Harper, Jonaya Kemper, and runes expert Maja Bäckvall (Civilization VI, God of War) 
  • stylistic editing and proofreading by Lauren McManamon (Girl Underground)
  • sensitivity editing by Jonaya Kemper

(For those following kickstarter's unionization efforts, I've been in communication with the union for the past couple weeks & my statement of support is here:

Sure! It's for any discord channel.

Hello! Here are a couple questions for you, to decide if this game is a good fit for this jam’s design challenge:

- is it obvious from the game itself or its instructions how players should use Discord in order to play the game?

- is this game *best played* on Discord (or a similar platform), or would that just be an optional side thing?

As the host, I’m going to leave it up to designers to assess the above for yourselves, because you know your own design intentions. Thanks for participating!

Hey everybody, I’m hosting a little game jam called #DiscordRPGJam! We’re all playing games on Discord already, let’s make some games that are specifically designed to use Discord’s features & play online! 

Tomorrow (Friday) til the end of August. Come one, come all!

False Advertising

By user: emmas_grandma

★ ★☆☆☆☆

In all my years of travel, even on my 40th birthday voyage to the Soviet Union, I have never been so confused. My travel agent clearly specified that this was to be a reputable establishment. However, I was kept up at all hours by an infernal racket from all sides of the room that sounded like an aria from Carmina Burana. I did not sign up to sleep in a bordello.

Two stars for the handsome young concierge who helped me with my valise.

How do I know when it’s my turn? 

Is this game already full? It sounds really interesting!

Here are some intense, emotionally heavy games that have given my trusted friends & me extraordinary experiences, and that I recommend playing with people you can rely on for care and aftercare.

Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne - A story game about a convicted witch in 1350 and her captors.

Montsegur 1244 - A story game about a doomed community of Cathar heretics being stormed by Catholic forces.

Ten Candles - A beautifully poetic horror game by candlelight.

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Hi everybody! I'm Lucian Kahn (@oh_theogony on twitter) (he/him), a gay trans Jewish weirdo and game designer. I designed Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy and am nearly done with Visigoths vs. Mall Goths.

Dead Friend is a role playing game for a necromancer and a ghost. That is, it's a collaborative storytelling game for two players. You will each play the role of a friend, one living and one dead. You will ask and answer questions to develop the characters, their community, their history together, and the motivations leading up to their final conflict. The script follows the dramatic structure of a necromancy ritual, and you will use the spellbook of instructions throughout the entire game like a witch reading spells from an ancient grimoire. The mood may be spooky or intimate, heartwrenching or hilarious — it is up to you as storytellers. Dead Friend requires 1 Tarot deck or 1 deck of mundane playing cards.