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Thanks for checking it out! 

Tysm :D

You die by getting hit by enemies and bullets and yeah in retrospect the item ui is not the best. Thanks for playing and we are glad you had fun! 

Thanks for checking it out!

Good art. Missing sound effects and the music is very short. Interesting idea, I wish there was a win/lose screen because It's kinda unsatisfying that after like 4 minutes of hitting the player, you get nothing. Interesting submission none the less, good job!

Thanks for playing, sure I'll check out your game. Did you maybe forget to press the "save rating" button by any chance?

True! Thanks for playing :>

Cool submission. Btw, you know how in fruit ninja when the fruit gets cut it slashes all over the screen and is satisfying? That makes the game much more fun to play and i think it would also work great here.

Thanks, much appreciated :)

Sadly, exporting to web is unreliable and we weren't really desperate for ratings. For example particles stop working. And the shader effects are making the game unplayable with all sorts of weird graphical glitches. We wanted everyone to experience the game in its best condition which is sadly not able to be ran on the web :(
Thanks for playing the game and giving a good suggestion!

Awesome to hear that, thanls for playing :D

Yeah, you can check out the source on github if you want some more insight, the link is on the page and the file is called background.gdshader and is located in the scenes folder. Hope you find it useful!

Yeah, the leveling down is sure very questionable and that's usually why jam games like this stay silly little prototypes. Glad you had fun!
Btw, the background is made using a shader. I put a box that covers the whole screen and then mixes between a couple of colors based on the distance from the hole and the angle from the hole. This is all done in godot's shading programming language!

Cool visuals, good music. Only issue is that it doesn't seem to be in a very playable state.

Cool game and cool art and sounds, but I really feel like the theme didn't do much for the game. Think about it, this could also be a game where you are a policeman and attack bandits, or a game about an insane granny beating up thugs. The theme doesn't really define the gameplay. Good game none the less, it's just that the theme didn't really spin up the gameplay that's all. Very nice and polished submission

Very cool idea, was pretty fun even though the visuals weren't the best. Nice submission!

To make the game show up on you, you gotta go in the settings, make you an admin, and check the little "display as contributor" thing!

Very cool submission, good job! Wish there was some music or something.

Very cute game, sometimes the enemy stopped following me and idk how that worked, still very fun. Great job!

WOW such a cool submission, awesome job. You could make the cars hitboxes a bit bigger to make them easier to click and maybe it would be cool if cars exploded on collision instead of moving unpredictably. Very good job, awesome!

Thanks for playing :D

Np, hope my feedback was useful!

Yeah I regret making the player bullet glow and letting the player and enemy bullet sprites be so similar. Also there is definitely a reason why enemy bullets in bullethells are often red and not green. This was very useful insight, tysm for checking out and giving good feedback :>

Very cool, maybe you could have some more incentive to not get snapped by the cameras.

Very good idea.

Very interesting idea and nice execution. Wish there was some kind of timer saying when the paddle would switch to make it a bit more fair. Good job!

Cool submission, the last level is pretty evil 💀

Nice submission, good job!

Good idea, you should randomise the pipe position though!

Hmm alright, hope it wasnt too much of a nuisance. Thanks again for playing :)

Cool idea and you also nailed the chrome dino look. I've discovered that you can just place 2 cactuses in quick succession and kill the dino which garants you infinite score.

Yeah ok, that's the only place where there is a while loop in code. For some reason it became infinite, I have no idea how that could happen to only you. Unfortunate.

Very cool game, great job!

Cool submission, very relaxing.

Aw damn. Did the freezes maybe happen when hitting the enemy that was the last in it's wave?
Btw, thanks for checking out :>

Yep, when you have music and SFX you need to have volume sliders. Seeing how many people criticised that, we sill surely do that as soon as possible next time. And yeah I can see the ui being pretty confusing, there definitely needs to be some more clarity. I personally wanted to add a text saying "active" or "not active" when you hover over an item but i forgot. Tysm for checking out and giving good feedback, much much appreciated!

Thanks for playing. We would love to continue the project but the code is kinda less then good right now so we would have to go trough quite a bit of refactoring and cleaning up before continuing anything.

Yeah I usually play a lot of top down roguelikes and bullethells so we really should have made the game easier or at least added some kind of easy mode. Thanks for checking out :)

Thanks for playing, yeah imo we should have put light on enemies or made projectiles bob or something to make them pop out even more!

Lmao 😂