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You would want the buttons to react to being hovered and clicked by the user (squishing, bouncing, flashing, stiff like that), you want a nice transition so it looks nice when you change the scene, also you would want to separate the title from the background (by making the background less saturated or putting an outline on the text)

Hope this helps :>

Yep, I really wanted to have a couple more enemies, but items were easier to make and brought more content arguably, so I went for those, thanks for playing :>

Thanks for playing!

Audio was quite nice, i liked the music and the spark particles were nice!

The graphics, although not the best, were consistent and you never felt something was off!

I liked the theme and the intro cutscene was nice (there was a typo on panel 2 i believe)

Now some criticism (feedback and stuff that would be nice to change):

The gameplay was a bit slow tho, most of the time it was waiting for an enemy to kill themselves on your shield, or you mindlessly spamming an enemy from a distance, this wouldn't be a problem if the enemies were 2 to 3 shot, but they had A LOT of hp, especially the flying one which you had to shoot, and couldn't even kill with your shield which would be faster.

That takes a bit hit on fun, since most of the game i was just waiting for enemies to die :(

The boss was cool, i liked the attack, but than he started throwing rockets and never stopped which kind of killed the attack variety .

Menus were a little unpolished, but they worked.

Some bugs:

- Mouse disappears in the menu after respawning, I believe you forgot to turn the mouse back on in the menu scene!

- Shield sometimes doesn't block a bullet and it just hits you, I think the enemies should collide with the shield.

- Rockets on the boss just end up getting flung out of the screen and never come back because they get killed for performance which makes the attack very easy.

Solid submission, good job!

Nice XD, sure thing.

Nice sound and graphics, apart from some sounds missing.

It would be nice to have some sort of particles when you kill an enemy, that way the player feels rewarded, because he just permanently blasted an enemy!

Also some sounds tend to get a little annoying when you hear them all the time, what you can do about that is go on your sound playing node, and randomize the pitch property, than every sound will sound a bit different and distinct!

BIG THING, i noticed a lot of lag when enemy bullets are spawned, i think you should store the preload in a variable so that you need to call preload() only once, this will make it so that it only lags the first time you ever call preload!

Very nice submission, great job!

No problem, thanks for rating :)

Very easy to pick up, was a nice challenge, awesome bullet patterns!

I really liked the polish, but i think the colors of the sprites could match a little better, you can find tons of free palettes on this site and it would greatly improve the graphics side of things if the colors were complementary in some way.

The combat was fun and balanced, the boss was cool, and the guns are all satisfying to fire!

Very solid submission, awesome job!

Lacks polish and sound, communication to the player could be better.

Cool idea, the execution could be better tho, good job on finishing!

Lacks polish and communication to the player (about getting hit, spawning bullets, what to do)

Nice job on submitting tho!

The art is pretty nice, and i really like the use of pygame.draw!

The menu looked clean and the controls were really easy to pick up, it was a nice challenge.

Unfortunately there is no audio, but that's alright, you cant have everything in a jam game.

Overall awesome submission, really cool to see pygame in a place like this!

Btw, since you played, would you mind rating the game? I am aiming at 10 rates so i really know the rating is fair and I need 2 more :>

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :D

Tysm for checking out and giving feedback, really nice to see that you had fun :>

Graphics are simple but nice and effective, the sound was good as well.

I really liked the game juice and how it played.

The idea was really cool and the execution was great as well.

Great submission, awesome job!

I like how simple and easy to start playing it is, the art is simple, but it works.

The idea is really really cool and i like the execution!

The SFX was pretty lacking, but it did its job.

Very solid submission, nice job!

Yeah, i could have squeezed some more content in the last 2 days in form of enemies, but I decided to do items as i could add a bunch easily, definitely should have spiced it up with some kind of new enemy or crystal pattern.

Thanks for playing and rating!

I really liked how consistent the art was, wish it was more clear where the payer was as he was quite small.

The music and SFX were pleasing and complimented the whole thing rather nicely.

I love the patterns and the boat moving mechanic.

I wish there was some more clarity about getting hit and that the bullets hitbox was a little smaller (so its more forgiving to the player)

I really liked how consistent the art was, wish it was more clear where the payer was as he was quite small.

The music and SFX were pleasing and complimented the whole thing rather nicely.

I love the patterns and the boat moving mechanic.

I wish there was some more clarity about getting hit and that the bullets hitbox was a little smaller (so its more forgiving to the player)

Thanks for playing and the feedback :)

I like the juice, and I like to odd looking player model, the enemy verity was really nice!

The movement felt a bit weird, where if you let of of the button you would still go a bit, felt odd, but i got used to that so it was no biggie.

I love the idea of black holes changing the trajectory of the bullets, its a fun way of making an avoid ability!

Very nice submission, great job!

Everything is amazingly polished, other than hitting an enemy, which felt pretty weird (to have everything like pickups kills and blanks be so polished and this just as important thing not)
I liked the art, it was very consistent and nice, you really knew what to focus on and what was happening.

I don't feel like the game had anything to do with confined space other than being a bullet-hell which is the requirement of the jam which was a bit of a bummer.

There were no sound effects which is a bit of a shame :(
The music was a banger and fit like a fiddle!

The leaderboard gave a pretty cool motive to replay the game, and the score was really nice to get.

I wish the difficulty spike was a bit less but other than that, awesome submission, amazing job!

Thank you, i tried to do as many new things as possible and it was really fun, thanks for playing!

Yeah, engines tend to be unpredictable at times, you cant really do much about that sadly, anyways the game was a joy to play, i will check out the post jam version for sure!

No problem, good luck!

No problem, when starting out the most important thing to know is how to improve :)

Very cool submission, i really like the idea!

The polish is also great and you have to strategize a lot.

Very nice submission, great job! 

I liked the game juice it was awesome, the art was pretty consistent and i liked the gameplay.

Wish the weapons were better at something compared one to another (for example a shotgun which is really good up close but on far range its bad) so you would switch between weapons strategically and not just equip the blatantly best one.

Very nice submission, good job!

Very cool idea, i liked the execution also.

The graphics were nice and the music was banging.

I think you should have had a reset button because going back to the menu was pretty annoying.

The bullets disappearing when you kill an enemy looked more like a bug rather than a feature because it was missing some polish (like an animation or some particles)

Very solid submission, awesome stuff!

You didn't remove the password from testing :/

Very nice graphics and audio, was a little lacking in polish,

for example the hole after the falling shoot thing just disappears, just like the player particles,

i wish there were some more VFX and cool stuff like that.

The UI is probably the cleanest thing i have ever seen, the transitions are top notch!

Gameplay gets a little stale after wave 20 and there isn't much more to do after getting to see every pattern.

Amazing game, very cool!

Wow this was a fun game, it lacked some game juice but i played it for 40 minutes and it's a jam game!

I wish there was some more general polish like animations, particles and game juicy stuff like that.

Awesome submission, great job!

Very fun and simple, i liked the graphics, wish the sound was randomized in pitch in some places (like the pink ball shooting, the sound of that got pretty annoying at times but that's not a biggie)

I liked the juicy pickups and how forgiving the game was for getting hit, the gameplay was pretty clear to understand and everything felt fair!

Great job, awesome submission!

The graphics could be worked on, they lack consistency (every sprite is in a different style)

The sound was kinda funny, i liked it.

The gameplay was okay, but a little hard to pick up (it did not really make sense to me to pick up spikes but i figured it out eventually)

Overall congrats on finishing and making something cool in just 10 days!

Thanks :D

I liked the combat, but it felt really bad when you would get hit and you didn't even know why, it's nice to have a sound, flash or vignette effect when you get hit so the player doesn't feel robbed when he suddenly finds out he is on 5%

The audio was okay, but i wish some sounds (like the player shooting) where randomized so they didn't feel as static. Also the repeating song got a little annoying after some time.

The art was pretty nice and consistent throughout the whole game and had a nice feel.

The enemies had cool patterns and the boss idea was cool, i just wish there was some more communication to the player about getting hit, getting shot and stuff like that.

Overall very solid submission, great job!

Yeah no problem, you could do the aiming by getting the distance from the mouse to the player and if its lesser than some value not move the player.

Very nice stuff btw!

Thanks :>

The controls are really simple and nice, wish you had a zone around the player where he wouldn't move and would just aim tho.

Good use of assets, other than the players gun which felt really out of place.

I really liked the game juice and how simple everything was, so much so you didn't even need a tutorial!

Very solid submission, great job!

Thank you, tho i think you should read the description of an item before using it 💀