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The characters were really, really compelling. My favourite scene was where Nolan attempts to explain why a straight guy might jack off another guy for "power". It's funny, and humanly irrational. Using the hyperlinks to expand detail instead of story choice was also an interesting experimental use of Twine. Good job!

Of all the Nar8 games I've seen so far, this is the most experimental and the coolest, so congrats! Sadly I wasn't able to make it all the way through the game, because Streetview became a pixelated blur for me, and I got hopelessly lost in the Museum, after only getting 1/5 Alarm Clock pieces. Still, this is awesome. You should submit it to Chrome Experiments for showcasing!

Really liked the calm, meditative mood of this piece. I think the core idea is brilliant -- "fishing" for random fragments of memories that the player has to piece together into a story. The controls, however, were very confusing at first -- using mouse to cast the line, but keyboard to reel and reset? That said, nice start for an almost Zen-like game!

The visual style & aesthetic is utterly stunning, and that's what drew me into this game! And the style is solid throughout. That said, some of the later game felt like half-baked versions of otherwise really awesome ideas. Using a physical keyboard to input commands? Clever! Too bad it was only used for one section. The story's core dilemma of an android killing someone to make their mind immortal? Brilliant! I just wish it had more screen time. If this game jam had run longer, gave us more time, so you could've fleshed those parts out, I'm sure this game could have been made that much more awesome. Even though it's quite awesome as-is.